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Mobile SSL

Managed SSL solution for personal or corporate laptops and devices, allowing secure remote access to corporate data.

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secured corporate access from anywhere
Your mobile worker can access the business environment (web applications, email, core business applications) from any device (personal or company-provided laptop, MACs, Linux devices and Smartphones), including their home computers, hotel or airport kiosks without any software to install. It works from any available network and gives unprecedented flexibility in how and where your employees work.

ensured privacy, security, application and device access control
Mobile SSL enables privacy and message integrity through encrypted communications based on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Employees and partners can connect without putting the corporate environment at risk, and access can be restricted at the appropriate level while the company applies its own security policy.

wide range of granularity
Mobile SSL lets you control who and what devices have access to various resources on your network. Mobile SSL provides application-level access with a wide range of granularity. IT managers can also limit access to resources from public or unsecured devices.

complete managed solution
The managed mobility service can be offered as a complete, stand-alone product. If you need help, our skilled technicians are available 24x7x365 to assist your IT manager anytime day or night.
Useful documents: Mobile SSL fact sheet

what it does

need a flexible solution?
Mobile SSL provides secure, flexible SSL VPN access. Our managed solution lowers your total cost of ownership and frees your IT manager from the hassles of supporting a large or varied group of users and devices.
Moreover, Mobile SSL:

  • Supports any application and works on any device type across any network. The only requirement is Internet access through a standard browser. With a corporate username and password, your employees will have full access to all resources on the corporate LAN.
  • Allows three standard access methods: clientless for access to Web-enabled applications from anywhere and any device through a secured https session; light client for access from any device to specific business applications; and SSL VPN for full network access and VPN tunneling with a client residing on the device.

do you want to simplify your security solution?
Mobile SSL offers a single solution with a single provider for all your remote workers and simplified deployment, which together reduce the need for help-desk support.

would you like to customize your remote access?
Mobile SSL offers a high level of customization to meet your requirements: multiple URLs can be provided for different uses, the welcome page is customizable, and we implement your user groups on the gateway.

is end-point security management a priority?
Mobile SSL leverages strong SSL-based encryption and employs multiple tools to ensure the security of endpoints. The Host Checker verifies the level of security on end-user devices prior to connection. A Cache Cleaner erases Web-history information when the connection is terminated. Lastly, the optional Virtual Desktop can create a complete new desktop and automatically erase it at the end of the connection.

how it works


architecture overview
We know that every business is different, with diverse needs and a variety of existing infrastructures. To meet the unique challenges of your business and to provide a cost-effective solution, we offer installation, configuration and gateways in different sizes.

automatic end-user device recognition
Before displaying the sign-in page, the Juniper SSL gateway automatically recognizes the endpoint device type and assigns the SSLG session to one of the four device profiles also known as realms: handheld, trusted, reliable or untrustworthy.

multiple access methods
The different access methods available include:

  • clientless access: connect from anywhere and from any device, easy and secure connection to Webmail and Web-enabled applications.
  • light-client access: download a Java or ActiveX client, simplest way to connect to client-server applications or terminal sessions.
  • SSL VPN (client installation): fully featured VPN tunneling with easy installation, management and update.

data network infrastructure
One of three different data network infrastructures is chosen based on your requirements. Gateways are deployed in different modes (one arm or two arms) and can be hosted either by Orange hosting centers or at your business premises worldwide. In the latter case, the time to repair (on-site) depends on the location. Orange provides all necessary hardware and software as part of the service.

Mobile SSL is available worldwide, wherever an Internet connection is available. Its overall availability will be dependent on your requirements and preferences concerning the data network infrastructure, the size of the SSL gateway and the location of the hosting premises.

your benefits

access your work environment regardless of location
As part of the Business Everywhere portfolio available in 150 countries, Mobile SSL lets employees stay in touch with their office, clients and partners around the world.

increase productivity via a less complex solution
With Mobile SSL, the administrator assigns the URL address during configuration and endpoint device types are recognized automatically. These managed features make remote access less complex, allowing businesses to increase overall productivity by more easily expanding their remote access programs to employees, business partners, buyers and customers.

extend access with granularity
With granular access, access to applications is granted depending on the group to which users belong, the device from which they connect and their level of security. End-user device automatic recognition means remote access is comfortably extended to teleworkers or extranet partners with access limited to only the necessary corporate applications.

benefit from business continuity as a value added bonus
In addition to all the security and flexibility benefits provided by Mobile SSL, it can also serve as a robust disaster recovery system, giving quick and reliable access to all your users in the event of disaster. Thanks to our emerging license option, Mobile SSL can be a cost-effective, reliable and safe way to keep your business up and running.

learn more

A number of options can be added to a standard Mobile SSL solution. A one-time charge (OTC) and a monthly recurring charge (MRC) are applied for each option.

  • high availability: with the high availability option, two SSL gateways are deployed as a cluster pair in Active/Passive mode.
  • dedicated management solution: deployed in customer premises when the SSL gateway is connected to a customer firewall (instead of the Orange Managed Firewall).
  • secure virtual workspace (SVW): guarantees the integrity of SSL gateway session data on a client machine by creating a protected workspace on the client desktop. By enabling the SVW, we ensure that any end user signing in to the intranet must perform all interactions within a completely protected environment.
  • partner profile: by subscribing to the optional partner profile feature, you can implement up to two additional mobile profiles on the same SSL gateway without adding hardware components.
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