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Managed LAN

Run your business applications on an integrated LAN/WAN for maximum productivity & profitability.

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your VPN management extended to your LAN
Managed LAN is an industrialized service that provides full management of the LAN and WLAN infrastructure at your small branch offices as well as your big campuses and data centers. Built as a simple extension of our VPN service, Managed LAN has the same coverage (151+ countries) and the same carrier-class qualities. We can provide services over leased equipment (which is CAPEX free) or over  your own equipment (whether existing or purchased from us).

Our installed LAN and WLAN solutions are strongly engineered (hardware and software validations, configurations, etc.) and based on market-leading LAN equipment providers.

you draw the line … and also the benefits
You can out-task the management of your entire LAN infrastructure or just a few branch offices where they lack local IT staff. By using our single global service for your WAN, LAN and WLAN:

  • you lower your overall TCO, administrative complexity and management overhead
  • you increase your security, productivity and application availability
  • you improve business application quality, generating employee satisfaction

Managed LAN helps you take back control
The management and maintenance of your remote networks can be complicated and resource-draining. Personnel and equipment are expensive; service interruptions, especially during peak business hours, can have a hugely negative impact on your business; and maintaining control of your network and remote locations is a challenge for even the most technically-savvy IT department.

Managed LAN can give you the control you need of all your  LANs and WLANs – with little to no initial monetary investment. And, with Managed LAN’s OPEX model, you’ll be able to upgrade your infrastructure at your own pace, under your own control and with few resources. Adding new sites, even on the other side of the world, can be easy and inexpensive.

what it does

are you already a Business VPN customer?
If you already use Business VPN from Orange, Managed LAN will simply extend your VPN service one step further – i.e., to your LAN and WLAN infrastructures – providing a global view and management to your network as a whole, while maintaining your existing high quality of service. You’ll have a single network connecting your laptops and tablets to your server.

are you optimizing your CAPEX?
Many companies have flat information and communication technology (ICT) budgets but, at the same time, need to invest to optimize their ICT infrastructures. Managed LAN, as a utility service, allows you to use new technology without the required up-front CAPEX investment. 

do you have limited budget or resources?
Managed LAN can help you keep your most important sites staffed with your key teams. It can also improve efficiency in the case of large organizational changes, acquisitions and mergers. Since the cost of out-tasking is generally less than that of internal management, out-tasking LAN and WLAN management can also provide savings that will allow you to develop new projects with your freed resources. And, by providing an external consulting approach, it can enable quicker convergence.

would you like better QoS?
Remote-site networks are often managed locally, which can lead to inconsistent quality and ineffective cost control. Managed LAN provides agreed configurations with a homogeneous design, enabling control by central IT and the ability to easily roll out new business applications globally. We assure global network quality via engineered solutions and best practices and seamlessly incorporate your service with the WAN for end-to-end quality.

do you have the required skills in-house?
New technologies and security require top-skilled staff to forecast and handle potential issues. By out-tasking to Orange Business Services, you benefit from the skills and experience that we’ve acquired since the early age of networking. Secure networking is at the core of our business, and we’ve developed Managed LAN with security features and robust operational processes built in to address your smallest sites as well as your largest data centers.

how it works

turn-key service
Managed LAN supports the entire lifecycle of your LAN and WLAN infrastructure. We’ve used our service provider experience and incorporated industry best practices to ensure that you get a fully-managed offering with no service gaps. Managed LAN is a complete turn-key solution at an industrialized price.

complete management
Managed LAN includes the following services, among others, in accordance with IT Infrastructure Library v3 (ITIL®) terminology:

  • service design: service catalog management; service level management; consulting service assessment – design principles and detailed design; information security management model; supplier management; and more
  • service transition: CPE provisioning; hardware and software installation and un-installation, including hardware/software logistics and hardware/software staging; release and deployment management; service validation and testing; service asset and configuration management; change management; transition planning and support; and knowledge management
  • service operation: service desk function; incident management; problem management; event management; request fulfillment; and access management
  • continual service improvement: service level management; service measurement; service reporting, delivered through your web portal or your service manager; seven-step improvement process; and supplier management

Your LAN and WLAN equipment can be leased, purchased or already installed at your sites.

service-provider expertise
As an Orange-managed service, Managed LAN comes with the best technical and operational solutions and relevant service upgrades. We ensure your network quality and reliability, and we can acquire and/or set up all the equipment you need, eliminating any worries you might have about equipment function or operational efficiency. Since we’re a global service provider, we can, on your behalf, select and enable the features that are relevant to your business, worldwide.

your benefits

take control of your network
Managed LAN standardizes your networks and services globally, so you’ll gain control over your entire network, including all your remote locations. That makes it easy to create an internal service catalog with a price per port or per user and to deploy business applications with known quality and reliable management.

improve availability, predictability and value
Our objective is to deliver the best operational efficiency for your LAN and WLAN networks. We select our equipment from the best technologies and versions of the market leaders. Intensive tests are performed on both hardware and software to prevent disruptions and any impact to your business. Additionally, monitoring and availability management help to proactively identify risks of interruption, so potential problems can be addressed before they affect network efficiency. Our technical experts maintain a high level of skill and knowledge of the latest technologies so you get best-practice delivery of your service and ongoing help from onsite professionals.

save money
Managed LAN helps you cost-effectively manage and maintain all your remote-site networks with no distributed staff & spare, and no recurring  training costs. But major savings will also come from the service availability improvement.  You’ll be able to control your network lifecycle costs with a simple transparent price, while gaining access to technical experts and the optimal operational solutions.

focus on what’s really strategic
With our global approach to infrastructure management (WAN, LAN, WLAN, IP telephony, telepresence, etc.), we offer unique management and service-level accountability. For you, that means no more complex tax and importation issues and no more managing of multiple network providers. Orange is a Cisco Global Commerce Partner, and we leverage our logistics capabilities and regulatory know-how with other manufacturers. And, as a global provider, our local footprint matches your operating model – we’re everywhere you need us to be.

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Service Level Agreement
Managed LAN  service includes availability & capacity management, as well as SLA. Based on monitoring & reporting ,   recurrent discussions will occur between us for optimizing your infrastructure and working on its relevant evolution.


customize your service
Managed LAN smartly and easily integrates with other Orange services, including IP telephony, videoconferencing and our full suite of collaboration services. In addition, you can customize the service to fit your specific needs by adding site survey services, consulting (security, handover) or advanced management of your WANs, LANs and WLANs.
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