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Live Objects

Connect your smart objects to your business applications with Live Objects

Orange Business Services


The number of connected objects is expected to reach 50 billion by 2020.

The Internet of Things is growing exponentially and opens the door to new business opportunities.

You may be wondering how your business can capture the value of the Internet of Things.

With Live Objects, we help you develop your IoT potential in order for you to:  

  • Optimize operational efficiencies
  • Improve your quality of service and customer satisfaction
  • Create new services

Live Objects is a personalized, reliable and scalable solution that allows you to turn ordinary objects into connected, smart assets, collect relevant IoT data and securely transmit this data to your business applications.






Whatever your business and IT challenges we can accompany you in conceiving a scalable IoT solution that meets your needs of those of your users.

We offer an à la carte service that allows you to easily connect your machines and objects to your information system and business applications.

Live Objects offers a comprehensive, unique and personalized solution that covers smart objects, connectivity, platforms and applications.



Manage your project from end-to-end
To capture the full potential of the Internet of Things multiple expertise is needed: you need to connect machines and equipment, collect data from connected objects and transform this data into useful information in real-time.

With Live Objects you benefit from an à la carte service that easily connects your machines and objects to your information system.

A 100% customizable solution
Looking to optimize your business processes or create new services? We help you define the most appropriate solution for your business.  Do you need to pilot your business by exploiting data collected through your business applications? We integrate them. Looking to create personalized user-interfaces?  We develop them. Our experts are here to advise you throughout all the stages of your project.

A high level of quality of service
Reliability, security and continuity of service are essential for a successful IoT project. With Orange, you benefit from our dual expertise as a global operator and integrator, bringing you a high quality of service throughout the entire value chain: certified connected objects, network quality, a secure cloud platform hosted in France and recognized software expertise.


Make the most of Data and IoT with Datavenue 
Live Objects is part of Datavenue, a complete portfolio by Orange Business Services that includes the best of cloud, data and IoT offers. Datavenue promotes co-innovation by fostering an ecosystem consisting of startups, industrialists and economic partners, creating a climate in which tomorrow’s innovating services can evolve.

Benefit from end-to-end support from our experts.   
Whatever your needs, be it managing your business activities, optimizing your internal processes  or improving customer satisfaction, we accompany you to define the most appropriate solution. Our experts can guide you throughout every step of your project: from the conception to operational implementation and testing phases.

Strong expertise in applications and system integration
As the software division of Orange Business Services, Orange Applications for Business specializes in system integration and in providing application services that are either custom-made or delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service or software hosted in the cloud, available on-demand)

Orange Applications for Business, has a team of more than 2800 experts who support over 20 000 companies (including 8000 that use SaaS solutions) throughout all the stages or their projects (consulting, design, development, and operation) in customer experience, data/analytics and connected objects.

Worldwide connectivity adapted to IoT

  • We have 6,2 million active SIM cards that run on mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G…) and 1,8 million connected objects using non-cellular technologies (LPWA, satellite, RFID, NFC…)
  • We offer extended mobile and IoT coverage with a local presence in 32 countries and a mobile network of 233 partner countries through the Global M2M Association (GMA)  and roaming agreements signed with over 500 operators.
  • We have an extensive fixed network with over 1500 access points in over 900 cities and 180 countries throughout the world.

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Easily implement your Internet of Things (IoT) project
Looking for ways to transform your equipment into smart objects? Looking for a solution to collect and safely store transmitted data? Looking to connect your business application in order to analyze the data? 

With Live Objects we offer an à la carte service that is tailored to your needs.


Live Objects Select

To better meet your needs, we provide a catalog of connected objects that covers key industries:

  • Smart home sensors such as smoke and leak detectors for insurance companies
  • Connected medical equipment such as blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors, smart scales, oximeters for health professionals.
  • Black boxes for connected vehicles in transport
  • and many more objects for other industries such as retailing, manufacturing, and smart cities.

Our experts carry out tests on selected objects and make recommendations. Thanks to our network of partners we can build customized solutions that meet your expectations and improve your user and customer experience. Whatever your project, we can provide the objects and hardware to connect your equipment.

Live Objects Connect 

We offer a range of fixed and mobile IoT connectivity services that transform machines and objects into smart, connected equipment that communicate with your business applications. Our goal is to provide a reliable, secure and end-to-end service  that is adapted to your business and available anywhere you need. Live Objects is a complete and flexible offer that includes:

  • Sales and technical support for choosing and setting up your IoT connectivity solution
  • SIM cards that are adapted to IoT challenges
  • A selection of non-cellular technologies for specific uses: LPWA, satellite, RFID, NFC…
  • Quality of Service commitments that ensure the reliability of your operations
  • A catalog of secured solutions for delivering data to your servers
  • Tools to monitor and manage the connectivity of your equipment, on the web or integrated to your business applications through APIs
  • A dedicated service manager
  • An IoT customer hotline, open 24/7

Whatever your project, we can offer you the connectivity solution that best fits your needs.

Live Objects Manage

We offer a secure and scalable platform that connects your equipment and objects to your business applications and IT environment. Our cloud-based, platform offers a service environment that evolves according to your needs:

  • Message management: optimize and simplify IoT communication. We insure real-time collection of messages from your equipment and transmit them to your different systems. You are instantly informed of anomalies on your system and can implement quick corrections which guarantees the quality of service for your customers.
  • Device management: monitor and maintain your equipment and objects. Follow your equipment’s activities and real-time statuses (fleet management, configuration, updates, diagnostics etc.)
  • Data management: analyze IoT data

Store, organize and process your data in a secure environment.

Live Objects Control

We provide you with customizable dashboards as well as reporting and statistical tools that allow you to process and view data from your connected devices. You are looking to:

  • Know when your objects malfunction in order to improve operational efficiencies of your activities
  • Monitor and prevent risks
  • Optimize your business process

With Live Objects, you can visualize IoT-information directly on your business applications. Thanks to our strong expertise in integration and editing, we can integrate the solution to your CRM system. We can also develop personalized applications that allow you to visualize relevant IoT-information.
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