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Integrated LAN

remote management of LAN infrastructure

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consolidate, centralize and simplify
As your single global LAN management partner, we can consolidate your multinational, multi-vendor maintenance contracts into one relationship.

lower costs
Drastically reduce the manpower strain on valuable IT management and support resources.

improve control, visibility and performance
Maintain a clear view across your dispersed inventory, its usage, its “health,” its availability and its evolution.

rely on service levels
Receive standardized SLAs, as well as processes that deliver consistently high-quality customer experience and satisfaction, following ITIL®-aligned best practices.

build your future on firm foundations
Bring your global infrastructure under greater control with accurate management information and reporting, and release your IT management resources from the “day to day,” so you can focus on strategic planning and innovation.

what it does

need device monitoring and notification?
We’ll monitor your device health and availability, and detect, analyze, classify and refer any hardware problems to the appropriate team for resolution.

do you lack problem management?
Integrated LAN offers remote incident diagnosis and resolution with “deep dive” technical investigation and root cause analysis for recurring incidents. If on-site intervention is required, your Integrated LAN service agents coordinate directly with the defined resource, whether that means us or a third-party provider.

need help managing your inventory?
Manage initial auditing, reporting and recording of inventory in our global service management systems database. Conduct periodic backups of managed devices with your appointed local contact to replace and store physical tapes as per the backup schedule. Your contact will also help with the recovery from the backup, as required.

are change and release management priorities for you?
Remotely implement simple moves, adds and changes, and coordinate major and complex change projects as well. You’ll benefit from coordination with your appointed Field Operations resource, be it with our team or a third-party provider.

want releases and patches managed properly?
Record and review all current system/device software releases and patch information from original equipment manufacturers. Install operating system security patches and upgrades following a well-articulated testing plan, accompanied by a roll-out strategy and roll-back mechanism.

need service level management and reporting?
Stay up to date with regular weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, including trend analyses and recommendations regarding availability, performance, capacity, incidents and changes implemented during the reporting period.

could you use a 24x7 global service desk?
You’ll have a dedicated team – available 24/7 – for all service requests. They’ll contact you to confirm completion of transactions until closure, take ownership of any problems until resolution and provide regular status updates and incident reports to keep you informed at all times.

how it works


Integrated LAN can be used to:

  • enable greater agility, innovation, change and growth
  • maximize your return on investment in your existing installed base
  • optimize or reduce the total cost of your current support model
  • free up IT management resources for greater strategic planning towards future transformation

your benefits

one partner
Consolidate management and maintenance contracts across multiple locations and vendor technologies.

lower costs
Centralize control of your IT expenses, and reduce the strain on valuable IT management resources so they can get on with core priorities.

centralized control
Increase the visibility of your inventory, its usage and performance across your global infrastructure.

improved performance
Benefit from consistent service levels and support processes, which follow industry best practices.

plan for the future
Stabilize and optimize your current infrastructure with valuable and accurate management information. This liberates valuable resources and enables you to focus on your future transformation strategy and innovation.

24x7 global service desk
Contact our dedicated team of experts any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world. This single point of contact will work right along with you for all your service requests until you are completely satisfied with the result/resolution.
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