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Flexible SSL

Secure remote access to your company network and sensitive data from any device using a web browser or dedicated software.

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increased security
As remote and mobile working patterns continue to grow rapidly, Flexible SSL enables secure access to your internal IT system and corporate applications from desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets via a choice of network connections, such as Wi-Fi, 3G and DSL. The service, which can be tailored to different user profiles such as your employees or third parties, substantially improves efficiency and productivity without jeopardizing the security of your company data.
scalable, cost-efficient offer
Flexible SSL is scalable, accomodating anything from tens up to thousands of concurrent users. The service is based on a Security-as-a-Service model and is on-demand, which means you're able to make automated real-time changes via a unique administration interface. What's more you have the flexibility to modify the number of people who use the service on a monthly basis as well as coustomize your security policy to match your device profiles, and which applications you wish to publish.
complete solution portfolio
We are the only provider who can offer full life-cycle mobility and security solutions on a global basis, including up-front consultancy, implementation and ongoing management and monitoring.
best-of-breed technology
Flexible SSL is enabled by Juniper Networks technology, ranked as the leader in SSL technology. The specific technology includes Junos Pulse, an intuitive client that provides secure, authenticated access for remote users and Juniper Networks SSL. VPN Virtual Appliance that enables a scalable, cloud architecture.

what it does

need to easily and securely access your IT environment?
With Flexible SSL, you can adapt your access method to suit each remote device type, ranging from a clientless solution for customer web-based applications to an SSL VPN tunnel for your company's entire internal network. We fully check of all remote users and devices and encrypt all traffic between the device and the SSL Gateway.

want to provide limited access to your company applications?
You can control your access policy to ensure that different groups of users have access to specific business applications. Flexible SSL can track information about each user and provide the level of granularity you need to safely extend remote access to new areas like Internet kiosks or partner sites where it's important to connect users to the right resources.

is keeping track of remote access a priority?
Standard reportin enables you will to monitor indicators related to access, authentication, device security, web traffic, client applications and corporate access. When needed, you can refer to a report for a specific day, week and month for the previous six months. You may also opt for a Service Manager who will provide you with monthly dashboard and reporting analysis.

how it works

Flexible SSL is enabled by Juniper Networks Junos Pulse and Juniper Networks SSL VPN Virtual Appliance, both configured dynamically using a web portal and a back-end server developed in-house by Orange Business Services.
the service includes:

  • a dedicated virtual SSL gateway
  • a shared firewall protecting the Flexible SSL architecture from the public internet
  • the virtualization and hosting infrastructures
  • network links (both internet and MPLS)

To activate the Flexible SSL service we connect the Flexible SSL platform to your MPLS network. Following installation and acceptance testing by Orange, your authorized contacts will receive a "Welcome Mail" confirming that the Flexible SSL service is ready. Users can then remotely connect to the SSL Gateway over our secure infrastructure.
geographical and legal service availability
The Flexible SSL service is available worldwide however, as it is based on SSL/TLS standards, it embeds cryptographic software. This means that depending on the country people connect from, the use or import of some materials may be subject to specific regulations.

your benefits

provide secure remote access to your mobile workforce
Before providing remote access to your mobile, Flexible SSL ensures their identity using your preferred authentication solution. You can choose from our SaaS authentication service (Secure Authentication), a certificate-based authentication or your corporate directory (like Microsoft Active Directory), which allows you to control the access to your IT resources based on your user profiles.
share your internal application with partners or customers
Thanks to the application portal, you can share specific applications with your partners or customers without needing to open your entire network to them.
give your end-users access in a click
Core Access allows your users to get full VPN access easily from a remote device simply by clicking on the Pulse application. With a tablet or a smartphone, they just need to open their favorite browser and go through the short authetification process. They can then connect to the gateway to see the appropriate application portal that is built dynamically depending on their individual end-user profile.
control costs
With Flexible SSL, your costs are predictable, not only because there is no up-front capital investment but also thanks to the "pay as you grow" model. This allows you to modify the number of your end-user subscriptions dynamically with no extra charges to make changes or create new application.

learn more

Flexible SSL - Proof of Concept:
If you'd like to test the solution or to verify that the end-user experience is aligned with your requirements and expectations, we can provide a Proof of Concept (POC).
The POC is limited to 10 concurrent users (approximately 30 real users)over a period of three months. During that period, any automated changes made via the web portal will not be charged, allowing you to test security features and applications publication.
You'll just need to pay to test the publication process for applications that have to be published manually (using the bespoke profile).
At the end of the pilot period, if you wish to continue with the service:

  • the POC will be "migrated" into production without service interruption
  • you will not be charged any additional fees, since you will already have paid a one-time charge for the Proof of Concept
  • billing will start based on the number of applications configured on the administration portal
  • you will be able to set the increase or modify the number of concurrent users according to your ongoing requirements.

In order to set up a Proof of Concept, you need to be an Orange Business Services MPLS network customer.
Please note that service management is not available during this phase since we are unable to provide the entire operational support chain for a Proof of Concept.
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