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Fleet Performance

Fleet Performance provides services and equipment to efficiently manage a vehicle fleet.

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optimized and turnkey fleet management
Fleet Performance is a complete, turnkey fleet management solution that includes equipment and communications. Fleet Management is accessible through a personalized and secured web interface.

in-board vehicle devices linked to our server
Fleet Performance includes the supply of tracking devices fitted aboard each vehicle. Supplied with GSM and GPS antenna, specific data such as position, speed, course are available and provided by the Orange Business Services central server.

a secured and personalized web space
The data from the devices are accessible in a secure web space that can be checked from a specific URL address.

  • via this interface you can locate the nearest vehicles to manage different alerts and create points of interest
  • you have access to comprehensive detailed reports on your vehicle activity, organized into geographic tables and/or maps

geographic coverage
The international roaming service is available on demand: the vehicles are monitored in territories where Orange has roaming agreements. The service is available for vehicles traveling throughout the customer’s territory.

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Benefit from a tailor-made solution to meet your business needs whatever your activity.

optimize your fleet management
By automatically collecting accurate data on distance travelled, you ensure preventive maintenance of your vehicles, save on spare parts and be aligned with the terms of lease and service agreements.

reduce the cost of your assets
You can track and manage your assets. This helps you better manage fuel consumption while reducing your CO2 emissions.

improve your performance while increasing customer satisfaction
You improve your productivity by increasing the frequency and immediacy of your operations and deliveries. You can provide your customers with exact arrival times. Or you can spot the closest vehicle to be more reactive in case of emergency.


Fleet Performance also provides you a large range of options, below the major ones:

1- eco-driving
This eco-driving option helps control the operational costs of your fleet, reduce CO2 emissions. It also analyses each user’s behaviour based on “eco” and “security” criteria.

2- car stop function
From the platform, you can easily immobilize a vehicle outside working hours or in the event of theft.

3- tablet or smartphone
The driver can receive messages and assignments from the platform on Androïd tablet or smartphone.

4- driver identification
This function allows you, not only to secure your vehicle (if the ID tag is twinned with an electrical relay for anti-start option) but also to identify the driver responsible in case of over speed.

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Fleet Performance provides you with the equipment, a web portal application and optional features.
a geolocation device mounted under the dashboard of the vehicle with the following features

  • communication system GSM with GPRS support and SMS
  • nominal power: 12/24 VDC
  • configuration and remote maintenance of the device
  • reading analog outputs and "all or nothing" on the dry contacts
  • internal memory for the function "buffering" data (in case of network failure)

a web portal application which allows you to view information reported by the geolocation devices and calculations made from this information.

  • unlimited access via an Internet connection secure web mode.
  • ability to customize the home page with your logo
  • online support

additional optional features available to answer all your business and operational needs

  • speed alert: this function allows you to receive alert (either by mail, pop-up or SMS) when the vehicle exceeds a predetermined speed.
  • fuel consomption report
  • digital tachograph and connection to CAN bus are available for lorries
  • emergency button: This is a solution that complements the service call button to increase driver safety. When the driver presses the call button, a series of actions is triggered:
    • pop-up alert accompanied by an audible signal
    • auto zoom of the map on the vehicle or vehicles in distress

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