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Consistent and cost-effective deployment of IT equipment across multiple sites and countries

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understanding the big picture
We support you through the whole process of implementing your global IT solution, from the initial site survey, through to procurement, logistics, staging and final installation. We start with a single, key contact who remains on hand throughout the project. This principal consultant will work closely with your executive team in order to gain a full understanding of your business drivers and issues, where you are today and where you would like to be tomorrow.

developing the right solutions
Because every business is different, our project managers and your principal consultant will work with you to find the solution that best fits your needs and structural requirements. If our solution is consistent with your business needs and you decide to work with us, our team of experts will move on to the design phase.

integrating with your business processes
Once your global IT solution is designed, our senior design consultants hand over the project to our experienced technical solution consultants. This global team is reinforced by project managers and service managers from our Professional Services organization.

what it does

need to purchase your equipment at the lowest possible cost?
We can help you be more effective with your IT spending. Thanks to our strategic partnerships with major equipment vendors, we can purchase the equipment you need at the lowest price available on the market.

need the expertise of a third party to deploy a global IT project?
We have more than 30 years of experience providing global deployment and operational support services, therefore we are able to oversee your IT project management processes from end to end. Outsourcing the deployment of your IT infrastructure allows you to focus on your core business while our experts do their best to implement the infrastructure you need.

want to reduce your number of suppliers?
Having a single point of contact simplifies day-to-day management and issue resolution. In addition, you can reduce your operating costs by implementing global standards and aggregating equipment volumes instead of combining several partners.

have an office in a far-off location?
Deployment services are available worldwide, so no matter where your offices are located or how large your organization, we have the capabilities and the expertise to implement your IT solution on a global scale.

how it works

  • site survey: the results of the site survey allow us to assess the site suitability, provide a high-level design, and recommend activities for site preparation prior to installation
  • procurement: we have a wide portfolio of technology and services from major vendors and manufacturers and can ensure a smooth and timely procurement process. We’ll also keep you informed via regular, proactive feedback on the whereabouts of your equipment and the management of lead times
  • staging: weensure that all equipment and systems are configured to your exact requirements and have been suitably tested to minimize the risk of defect or early-life failure. Before shipping, all your devices are pre-configured and assembled by our team of experts
  • logistics: thanks to our experience in over 200 countries, we organize logistics, including international shipping and imports. Orange adheres to Incoterms 2010, so you can be sure you’ll have complete visibility of our responsibilities and actions. Shipments are tracked to ensure that delivery occurs efficiently, and any issues that may cause delays are identified and pro-actively

  • installation: we install and test the equipment on-site so you know the installation has been successful before you sign off the installation report

your benefits

reduce your operating expenses
By outsourcing your IT deployment to us, you benefit from our 30 years of expertise in providing global deployment and operational support services. Your Deployment Services solution includes the site survey, procurement, staging, logistics and installation to ensure that you save the maximum amount of time and money on operating expenses.

benefit from a single point of contact
We can oversee and manage the global deployment of your IT infrastructure. We offer Deployment Services in more than 200 countries and in almost every large business center globally, which means you’ll not only benefit from a single point of contact, but also from a team of engineers who can support you worldwide.

access our network of trained engineers 
You’re guaranteed the highest levels of expertise and certification in both integration services and network services. That means you can invest less in internal resources and can tap into the latest technological advancements as soon as they become available.
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