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DDoS Protection

Maintain availability of your internet services

Orange Business Services


Maintain availability of your internet services




  • Mitigation changed in real time according to attack changes and reduction of impacts on your business
  • Short analysis and remediation time: 0 to 30 min

  • Protecting your business and your brand
  • No disruption
  • No financial losses

  • Your internet resources and access
  • Your employees working quietly
  • Our teams 24/7

  • Trained and experimented experts
  • Safe and solid industrial process
  • Constant communication with you


The detection of low signals, precursors to certain attacks, allows us to protect you before the threat is up

The end to end process of attacks management through our CyberSOC, bringing together our expertise in cyber security

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Solutions of DDOS Protection

  • Access via 180 000 Akamai servers in the world (CDN)
  • Your websites hidden behind these servers
  • A security policy adapted to each your web applications (application firewall WAF)

  • Redirecting traffic to cleaning centers in the world
  • Removing the illegitimate traffic and forwarding the cleaned traffic
  • Systematic redirection or only in case an attack is detected

  • Installed on site between the Internet router and your servers
  • Cleans upstream traffic
  • Complementing Cleanpipe, limit the slowdown due to the redirection and protects your bandwidth

  • Trained experts
  • Monitoring, detection, reaction and anticipation ...
  • Continuous adaptation of the security policy to your business

Your protection in real time

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