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Content Delivery Network Solutions

Optimize & manage website performance, accelerate applications, deliver digital media and protect content delivery over the Internet

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Optimize & manage website performance, accelerate applications, deliver digital media and protect content delivery over the Internet
enhance the Internet experience of your users worldwide
Content Delivery Network Solutions (CDN Solutions) from Orange enable your business to optimize online content delivery for a faster web experience as well as allowing you to ensure business continuity by maintaining the performance and availability of your websites, applications or media.

leverage dynamic scalability
Address multiple challenges including that of high-volume content distribution, peak traffic, multi-device consumption while shielding yourself from cyber-threats with cloud-based protection without the need to change your existing infrastructure.

personalized solutions based on our hybrid networks approach
Our services come with local support backed by a global expertise in private and public networks. Engage your end-users with an enhanced experience by increasing reliability, performance and reach of your websites, applications or media content.

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Our enterprise grade network enables us to guarantee the best user experience when connecting to in-house applications and those delivered from our Cloud partners. Now, our Content Delivery Network Solutions, in partnership with Akamai, allow us to extend the best user experience to web, media and applications delivered over the Internet.

improve your web site performance & optimize your application delivery
we enable you to capitalize on market opportunities presented by the hyper-connected web while overcoming the challenges of optimizing user experience and managing traffic peaks

  • mobile & website acceleration
  • reduced user abandonment
  • adapt content on the fly to user situation
  • optimized application delivery for your enterprise users or partners worldwide

distribute your media content
our solution offers automatic scalability to support any level of demand while ensuring reliability in media delivery. We offer analytics capabilities to help you understand your online audience

  • store, adapt and deliver media content
  • protect media and manage digital rights
  • improve infrastructure efficiency

protect your websites & applications against attacks
we preserve your online business visibility by protecting against cyber-attacks while maintaining performance

  • benefit from our hybrid approach towards DDoS protection
  • maintain online visibility
  • web application protection

leverage the Internet as a standard platform for applications, media and websites
Orange CDN Solutions service empowers you to deliver rich, engaging sites, applications or media with unparalleled speed and responsiveness while focusing development efforts on core business needs, rather than on optimization overhead.

  • optimize investment  
  • improve online interactions with your customers and partners
  • benefit from our hybrid networks approach
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