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Contact Everyone

A cloud-based bulk SMS broadcast solution to be more efficient for short communication to multiple users simultaneously.

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a cloud-based bulk SMS broadcast solution


Contact Everyone is an effective SMS delivery solution
With Contact Everyone you can send bulk SMS messages to more than one recipient at the same time. The service enables you to broadcast an SMS text message to mobiles across 800 mobile networks in 200 countries.  

a cloud-based solution easy to setup
Contact Everyone is sold exclusively in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, so there is no need for you to purchase or maintain on-site equipment. The connection to the Orange SMS platform is ensured via an API (Application Programming Interface) secured over the Internet. To use our service platform, all you need to do is to integrate our SMS Gateway API into your applications, website, software or other customized enterprise applications.

useful to communicate to multiple users simultaneously
Contact Everyone is an application-to-person solution, in which an SMS message is produced from an application and is sent to a mobile subscriber. This supports enterprise messaging objectives and campaigns because the same message can be sent to multiple people simultaneously.



deliver reliable communications efficiently
The SMS is sent straight from your application within seconds. You can send many messages at once to many different recipients.

setup the solution easily and quickly
Easy and fast integration with any IT system or application, with a flexible SMS Gateway that allows developers to incorporate the gateway features into their own systems.

benefit from full data confidentiality
Our SMS Gateway ensures full data security. No need to upload valuable data to a 3rd party service provider or an online SMS reseller.

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receive incoming SMS messages from end-users

An optional service enables businesses to receive incoming SMS messages from their users. These Mobile Originated SMS messages are forwarded directly to your enterprise application via HTTP.
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