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Expert support and advice to assess, design and implement innovative ICT solutions.

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complete life-cycle capabilities
Our Consulting Services bring together outstanding technology and sector-based skills to offer your business foresight, innovation and sustainable development - from initial assessment to implementation and through to the entire life-cycle of the solution.
strong consultant skills in specialized areas
Thanks to a wide range of experience in business and IT communications, our consultants understand the evolution of next generation infrastructure and how events such as mergers and divestments, market fluctuations and new business models can impact your company. They can optimize your supply chain, align operations and find cost savings, helping you achieve both internal growth and global expansion.
tested methodology and tools
Our expertise is structured around a comprehensive and unique framework in our industry. This allows our consultants to capture all your requirements, design the appropriate solution and deliver on their recommendations. Efficiency and consistency are at the heart of our client's engagement and allows us to guaranty you a coherent and seamless quality of service everywhere you do business.
true global presence
To give you local knowledge and support in your key locations, our consulting community is based in more than 60 countries around the world.

what it does

how does the process start?
In the assessment phase, our executive sponsors, account managers, managing consultants and partners will work together to help you pinpoint your issues and clearly identify your needs.

how important is aligning business with technology?
Aligning business with technology is crucial for two main reasons. Firstly, today's IT must deliver against tangible business results, and secondly, new technologies are becoming ubiquitous and more complex: cloud, virtualization, consumerization, social networks and strategic collaboration are changing the nature of work, production and relationships. Supported by expertise in all major communications technological fields, our consultants will capitalize on their in-depth understanding as well as extensive experience in your industry to help you select and develop solutions best suited to meet your business objectives.

what happens next?
We hold ourselves accountable for the successful delivery of our recommendations. This means, after the design has been finalized, the implementation and management phase starts, and we team up with experienced project managers to ensure a smooth transition and optimal results in the shortest possible period.

why we belive in innovation?
Innovation is nowadays considered the major engine of growth and the true threshold for success. Our commitment to you is that we will leverage the Group's world class capabilities in R&D, service creation, partners and business management to ensure that the innovation programs we will build together are driven down an executable roadmap and will lead you to a deep and sustainable competitive position.

how it works


Our consultants are available worldwide, backed by two international consulting hubs in Cairo and Budapest:

  • Europe: 250 (plus 160 additional consultants in France)
  • Middle East & Africa: 60
  • North America: 95
  • Latin America: 25
  • Asia Pacific: 90

We operate in more than 60 countries on 5 continents across all regions and industry sectors, so you can count on world-class, comprehensive as well as consistent service no matter where your offices are located.

your benefits

track new technological breakthroughs
One of our key roles is to act as your technological scout or innovation partner, keeping you up to date with new developments, tools and solutions before they hit the market to make sure your business maintains the most appropriate solution with a real competitive edge.
monitor social and regulatory developments
Our global network of consultants, certified in 37 different domains covering the entire spectrum of associated technologies, monitors social and regulatory developments on a permanent basis to assist your organization as it undergoes change, to facilitate consolidations or mergers and speed up the development of new products and services.
improve business performance
Thanks to advice and guidance from our highly-skilled managing consultants, you will have a better understanding of your business environment, enabling you to align your IT technology and communication around a clear set of reachable goals to strengthen performance.
make long-term buying decisions and control costs
With our combined technical expertise and experience in cost control in global IT environments, you will have a roadmap with clear deliverables allowing long-term buying decisions that will provide cost savings and Return on Investment.

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cloud readiness assessment
Includes assessing your current infrastructure and IT services, identifying the business impact of migrating your current IT services into the cloud and finally providing gap analysis between the current and the desired state.

cloud security assessment
Includes assessing applications and data from a confidentiality, availability, and integrity standpoint, identifying the business impact of losing critical applications, functions, or resources, assessing requirements for encryption in the cloud and assessing compliance of cloud services to security policies and regulations.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)
Includes assessing the size and shape of your current mobile fleet, holding workshops with key business stakeholders to assess current and future mobile usage requirements and finally defining the mobile service catalog to be implemented in your TEM solution.

Application Centric Networking and business service management
Includes mapping your key business processes to the most critical applications, identifying the technical transactions for each process, creating dependency mapping and business service impact analysis, providing KPI reporting and monitoring, benchmarking the processes and transactions with the actual performance and finally building a ¿current state¿ model.

Unified Communications and Collaboration strategy and roadmap
Includes assessing your current UC&C environment, understanding your current and future organizational and business requirements, defining possible architectural choices, advising on the best scenario to protect your investments and achieve business objectives and finally developing your UC&C strategy and roadmap including budget estimates and timelines.
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