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Expert insight on the trends, impacts, challenges and opportunities for business and IT
In this section, our seasoned commentators cover the critical subjects that are influencing the IT and communications industry. As authorities in their respective fields, they share their favorite blogposts, highlight interesting articles and recommend other resources that we hope will inspire and inform you when dealing with some of today’s hot trends and topics. 
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by Jean-François Audenard


Jean-françois Audenard

There are three main reasons why I think security is of the utmost interest to readers. First, security is a cross-department topic by nature. The whole organization needs to consider strategies, attacks and defense. Second, it’s a field where things are moving fast, very fast. You never get bored, and there is always new material to discover and create. And finally, security is a close-knit community, in which everybody knows each other and shares vital information.

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the cloud

by Axel Haentjens


Axel Haentjens

In my blog, I explore how the cloud is being used in all businesses from small office home office (SoHo) and small and medium businesses (SMB), to multinational corporations (MNC). I examine the successful tactics to move into the cloud, its benefits and the return on investment that is achievable. I also offer insight into what makes a successful cloud player and the impact of different business models.

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project management

by Michel Operto


Michel Operto

Virtually all projects use information technology in some shape or form and have a wide-ranging impact on organizations and people. While project management is often treated as a commodity, it is critical to the overall success of the business. This is because it keeps projects on time, within budget and with the expected outcomes, both in terms of functionality and quality.

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collaboration and social enterprise

by Joshua Sillers


Joshua Sillers

Over the last decade, I have been immersed in the technology progression for VoIP into IPT, then to UC, and now it is Collaboration and Social Enterprise. In the end, person A needs to communicate with person B or C. Without communication, we are islands unto ourselves.

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