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Our approach

Joining up healthcare
Healthcare services around the world are facing unprecedented demand from growing and aging populations and the rising costs of supporting them. Can telemedicine and e-health be the answer to improving the efficiency of services for providers, while keeping the patient at the heart of the system?

Providing healthcare for an aging population is a growing challenge. According to the UN, the number of over-60s is expected to triple to two billion by 2050. Thanks to medical progress, once-fatal illnesses, such as diabetes, breathing difficulties and kidney failure, are now considered chronic diseases. 

However, this progress means that people live longer with their diseases, and treatment becomes a part of their daily lives. Giving them the opportunity and confidence to enjoy life outside the hospital environment, while also reassuring them that help is always at hand, is crucial.

The number of doctors, and notably specialists, has not grown with the global increase in healthcare spending. In 2030, it is estimated that there will be 32% fewer dermatologists and 35% fewer ophthalmologists than today. A recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that less than one third of medical professionals think their country’s healthcare system has the capacity to cope with the rapidly growing demand for care.

how is technology helping

To help you meet these challenges, we are pioneering new developments in e-health. For more than 15 years, we have been integrating communications, infrastructure and software solutions into hospitals and clinics. We have now identified how we can add further value by improving healthcare delivery.

Our information technology (IT) solutions enable more effective collaboration in traditional healthcare networks. In practice, this means healthcare professionals can make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and get on with the job of caring, while meeting their legal obligation to preserve and secure confidential medical data.

In addition, we provide solutions that help providers offer home-based care. This creates a greater focus on prevention rather than reactive treatment and encourages people to participate in their own health and wellbeing as a more progressive rather than passive kind of care.

solutions for the industry

Whatever your role in the healthcare industry, we provide products and services that enable the secure access and seamless transmission of sensitive medical information:

  • health professional services: targeting hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices or independent medical practitioners, our services can interconnect infrastructures, enabling improved coordination, cooperation and fluidity of information exchange
  • health management: our healthcare services outside the usual treatment environment – at home for example – allow patients to stay in permanent contact with healthcare professionals, making it possible to provide the highest quality care to a wider population
  • prevention and wellness: these tools give patients the ability to manage their own health and well-being
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