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Orange is a global partner for Euro 2016™

Orange joins UEFA EURO 2016™ as Global Sponsor

It’s the second time Orange has collaborated with the UEFA to organize this major event in Europe and worldwide.

More than 800 engineers and Orange experts will be mobilized to offer access to land and mobile networks during the event and to create the most connected event since the beginning of the Euro championship.

Services will include the transmission to providers and supporters all around the world from the 10 French stadiums.



UEFA EURO 2016™ : ground-breaking logistics for an outstanding event.

How do you manage 90 palettes of material headed for 11 different sites all over France without getting your lines crossed somewhere?

That’s the challenge facing the Orange teams handling telecommunications needs for UEFA EURO 2016™.

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Olympique Lyonnais

Olympique Lyonnais

Building a 100% connected stadium

Presentation of the stadium 2.0 entirely connected to provide an improved and enriched digital and sporting experience.

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Euro 2016 Infographic

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UEFA for Euro 2016

UEFA for Euro 2016

Thanks to ultra-efficient connectivity and the latest in technology, UEFA plunges the television audience into the heart of Euro 2016.

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Olympique Lyonnais

Olympique Lyonnais

Create a "100% connected stadium" to meet fans' expectations and to prepare for EURO 2016

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Tendances magazine



Revised 6 Jun 2016

Humans lie at the heart of the digital transformation of businesses and organisations. The experiences we live through as consumers, citizens, technological choices of companies and new business models.
The same goes for all activities sectors and places, including sports and cultural arenas.
In the “digital arena”, the fan is going to live in the moment more intensively. At Orange Business Services, our objective is to make these events unique. Our ambition is to put technology at the service of emotion. This is the challenge that we have taken up with Parc Olympique Lyonnais, which now offers an “enhanced” supporter journey.
This is also what we wanted to build with UEFA for the EURO 2016TMwith a single mission: to connect fans worldwide, whether they are in the stadium or in front of their screens, to what is essential for them. Their passion.

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