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Opportunities abound in the nations of Middle East and Africa

The region is home to a wealth of the world's natural resources, including oil, gas, precious metals and gemstones. We are helping local and multinational companies meet these opportunities with the latest technologies and networks.

Business is thriving in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). In a region synonymous with geographical disparity, the natural resource, mining, manufacturing, banking and public sector industries are leading the way. Technology is powering this growth by helping connect regional operations to the world via global networks.

We can support you across the region with the world's largest voice and data network and specialized local teams. Our services can meet your need for mobile and remote access, cloud, social media and smart city projects.

local know-how, wide reach

We have extensive experience in MEA and understand the technologies and services needed to succeed. To help you manage your operations across the region, we offer MPLS network access plus satellite services for remote sites to provide resilient and secure connectivity.

Our best-in-class telecoms infrastructure can help you deliver new services and stay connected to the world. We ensure business continuity through enhanced disaster recovery capabilities and work closely with governments to ease regulatory compliance processes.

  • over 50 years presence in the region
  • 192 points of presence
  • over 2,000 employees dedicated to the business-to-business (B2B) market
  • Major Service Centers in Cairo, Egypt and Mauritius, providing customer support in 20 languages
  • 200 MNC and national customers throughout the region
  • Business VPN coverage in 40 countries
  • three research labs and skill centers across region
  • unrivaled terrestrial connectivity in 40 countries
  • approximately 700 VSAT implementations
  • partner ecosystem with local telecom operators to offer fixed, mobile and Internet services
  • major B2B sales offices in Dubai, Beirut, Johannesburg, Casablanca, Riyadh and Istanbul
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