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Offer a positive experience


Digital customer experienceGive your visitors the right experience before they leave


Customers go online in order to get information, compare products and services, benefit from the latest promotions and much more. To engage them, it's essential to offer intuitive browsing and provide assistance when appropriate. The customer experience is everything, and it's what separates you from your competitors. Web services, such as live chat and call back, can make that difference.

You can watch your visitors' actions in real time and decide when you would like to engage with them. By proactively targeting Web visitors and their online experiences, you can have a positive effect, improving lead conversions into sales. Your visitors can decide when and how they want to make contact to suit them. Features like live chat and call back are quicker than sending an email and more convenient for some visitors than using just the phone for quick sales inquiries or support.

And with the call-back scheduling feature, you can let your customers choose when you will call them - when it’s most convenient for them.

All these options are available with our cloud-based solutions:



Managed Contact Center


Managed Contact Center is a fully-managed multimedia contact center solution hosted in Orange data centers on our shared platform.
This solution, whether Cisco or Genesys, provides media blending and offers high-end, fully-scalable services for complex global contact centers that have more than 250 agents.



Flexible Contact Center


Flexible Contact Center is a lighter, ready-to-use, turn-key contact center solution for companies of all sizes with no minimum number of agents.
Using the advanced multimedia platform, your agents will be able to handle all inbound and outbound contacts in an identical way from their workstations, via an intuitive interface developed by Orange.



revised 25 Oct 2015



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