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Numeric Futures

Numeric Futures
Numeric Futures
Increased voice quality of service to enterprises in Middle East & Africa



  • Numeric Futures is a leading global reseller of specialist voice access solutions to enterprises operating in MEA
  • they wanted to ensure high QoS in MEA markets, upgrade their capabilities and enable a platform for the future
  • we developed a Contact Center Access solution with international inbound call collection and outbound call delivery, along with end-to-end routing and local access numbers in each country
  • Numeric’s enterprise customers now have increased quality of service while Numeric has optimized costs, centralized billing with global and local support and an easy-to-manage, reliable and scalable solution
“We were looking for a supplier to help us expand our business in Africa and who understood the importance of service delivery and quality of service. In Orange we found not only a supplier, but a partner. We found an organization that understood our requirements and had integrity and one that we felt we could grow our business with.”
Asif Kika, Director, Numeric Futures

issues and challenges


Numeric Futures is a leading global reseller of telecom services to the enterprise market. From its headquarters in England, it delivers services to companies operating in Europe, USA, Middle East and Africa. The company specializes in tailor-made voice access solutions with a local numbering service that enables routing to 80+ countries.

Opportunities in the MEA region were growing significantly, but Numeric Futures found that legacy technology was not able to deliver the high-quality, cost-effective service it wants to deliver and which would increase its market competitiveness. An urgent requirement was identified to upgrade its capability in the MEA region and, in that process, ensure a future-ready technology platform.


  • Customer experience
  • Voice and telephony
call reliability
end-user experience
service delivery
the objective

increase quality of service to enterprise clients operating in the MEA region

the Orange Business Services solution


  • Contact Center Access to eight countries – Cameroon, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Turkey and Uganda
  • services for international inbound call collection and outbound call delivery
  • end-to-end routing delivering high-quality, cost-effective service with local access numbers in each country
  • single point of contact (SPoC)
  • project management



the benefits


The Orange Contact Center Access solution has enabled Numeric Futures to enhance its service to enterprise organizations operating in the Middle East and Africa.

enhanced customer service

  • increased reliability
  • enhanced call quality


greater agility

  • legacy technology out of the business
  • scalable solution to meet growing demand

simplified management

  • centralized billing
  • easy management via SPoC
  • global and local support


Numeric Futures
Contact Center Access from Orange has enabled Numeric Futures, a global reseller of telecom services, to enhance its quality of service to its enterprise customers in the Middle East and Africa. Read more in this 2-page case study.
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