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Service Publication

North America service publications
United States and Canada
The Orange Service Publication documents are posted below, and you are urged to exam them to fully understand the Services you have purchased. Your applicable documents for Services purchased from Orange are incorporated into your direct service agreement with Orange.

The documents set forth in the Global tab are incorporated into your direct service agreement with Orange, provided that the terms of the documents set forth herein for North America will control in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with the terms of the documents in the Global tab.


Trade Controls, Logistics Services, Delivery, and Customs Clauses trade_controls_logistics_services_delivery_and_customs_clauses.nam_.03-16.pdf


Cloud Services*    
Cloud Services Specific Conditions sc.cloud_services.us_.04-16.pdf

*The Specific Conditions for Cloud Services apply to all Cloud Services.


Flexible Computing Global Services*    
Flexible Computing Global Specific Conditions sc.flexible_computing.gbl_.04-15.pdf

*The Specific Conditions for Flexible Computing Global apply to the Flexible Computing Global Service.


Hosting Services*    
Hosting Services Specific Conditions sc.hosting_services.us_04-16.pdf

*The Specific Conditions for Hosting Services apply to all Hosting Services.


Integration Services*    
Integration Services Specific Conditions sc.integration_services.us_04-16.pdf

*The Specific Conditions for Integration Services apply to all Integration Services.


M2M Services*    
M2M Services Specific Conditions sc.m2m_managed_global_connectivity.us_04-16.pdf

*The Specific Conditions for M2M Services apply to all M2M Services.


Messaging Services*    
Messaging Services Specific Conditions sc.messaging_services.us_04-16.pdf

*The Specific Conditions for Messaging Services apply to all Messaging Services.


Network Services*    
Network Services Specific Conditions sc.network_services.us_04-16.pdf

*The Specific Conditions for Network Services apply to all Network Services.


Professional Services*    
Professional Services Specific Conditions sc.professional_services.us_04-16.pdf

*The Specific Conditions for Professional Services apply to all Professional Services.


Satellite Services*    
Satellite Services Specific Conditions sc.satellite_services.us_.07-14.pdf

*The Specific Conditions for Satellite Services apply to all Satellite Services.


Security Services*    
Security Services Specific Conditions sc.security_services.us_.04-16.pdf

*The Specific Conditions for Security Services apply to all Security Services.


Voice Services*    
Voice Services Specific Conditions sc.voice_services.us_.04-16.pdf

*The Specific Conditions for Voice Services apply to all Voice Services.

revised 19 Apr 2016



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