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Networks explained

The network is at the heart of everything businesses do, powering more applications, connecting more devices and carrying more data than ever before. And it’s this unrelenting growth of network traffic that’s driving the need for networks to evolve.

Networks now need to handle an ever-increasing range of fixed and mobile devices, applications and connections to new online services, delivered from public and private clouds. With these challenges comes a host of performance, security and cost-efficiency issues.

And that’s where our hybrid network comes into its own. Business VPN Hybrid from Orange gives your business the ability to manage real-time and non-real-time communications, all while addressing the core concerns of cost control, performance management and security – and ultimately delivering a better experience for your business.


benefits of our hybrid network at a glance:
  • performance: better internet and intranet end-user satisfaction
  • governance: worldwide application of security policy
  • flexibility: to develop new cloud applications and uses
  • cost efficiency: optimized transport costs
  • security: to implement the controls required
  • peace of mind: a fully managed, standard, secure solution
  • manageability: a single point of contact to help with operational incidents and contract management
Business VPN
Business VPN
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