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Mobility explained to

Improved IT strategy alignment and cost control through mobility
By embracing mobility and aligning it with your business strategy, you can significantly increase the strategic business value of IT. Use it to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency and to shorten time to market for new products and services.

Do you want to ensure that IT is at the center of value creation and the strategic development of your organization? Would you like to develop and deploy a global mobility framework that gives users the mobile tools and applications that modern knowledge workers demand?

We can help you centralize and standardize your mobile infrastructure, while benefiting from the richness and dynamism of the fast-evolving mobile world. Your business can have the infrastructure it needs, while enjoying lower costs through improved visibility and flexible re-charging.  We can give your users freedom of choice, while still enforcing global security policies.

wide mobility portfolio

Our managed mobility portfolio provides all of the tools you need to achieve these things and more. From cloud-based VPNs and authentication to mobile contract consolidation and telecom expense management, we can help you to develop and deliver your mobility vision together with the benefits realization program you need to ensure that IT keeps its place on the strategic agenda.

benefits for the CIO

  • reduced operating costs through increased flexibility
  • improved customer service levels
  • strategic advantage through greater collaboration and information sharing
  • uncompromised network security policies


Getting Control of Enterprise Mobility
Getting Control of Enterprise Mobility
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