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I’m the solution director for mobility. I find the radical change in the way that many of us work fascinating, as it’s driven by a combination of business, technology and human factors. I’m especially interested in the battle between physical and virtual workplaces to grab our attention as the best way of working.

I have 30 years of experience in ICT, ranging from design and engineering to business and general management and am especially experienced in change programs. I’m currently managing global solutions marketing for our mobility portfolio.

Peter Glock

Peter Glock                      

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does 'choose your own' trump BYOD?


There are a lot of blog posts, leader articles, and much vendor marketing around the consumerisation of IT and the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). It's been a prevalent trend in the enterprise, but I'd suggest it's not the only, nor the best, option to appease both IT and employees.

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mobile workforce report -- BYOD and the workaholic


Our friends at iPass have just published their Q3 mobile workforce report. For just about all trends it's a 'more of the same' story, especially the adoption of BYOD for highly motivated workaholics in the enterprise.

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where's the support desk?


Like many highly mobile employees, I've been used to self-supporting over the years. With more of my colleagues also becoming BYOD-ers (Bring Your Own Device) I've seen a rise of a different kind of social network, based on supporting each other.

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a fully digital tourist's journey


toy plane

New traveling behaviors and consumption patterns are revolutionizing the tourism market. Because of smartphones and social networks, behaviors have changed, and tourists are expecting more services while traveling, creating many business opportunities.

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towards a mobile workspace - summary version



Background to the tidal changes affecting the way we work and the issues that organizations have to tackle to make the most of the opportunities that mobile working brings.

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are you ready to embrace the new workspace?


home workers

Business and working life is changing. Globalization, widely-dispersed teams, increased consumerization of business IT and greater mobility are all converging to transform the working environment. At Orange Business Services, we are helping our customers realize this new workspace. We offer secure access to enterprise applications on the move, help build private app stores, provide unified communications in the cloud and help manage their burgeoning estates of mobile devices.

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Business Everywhere Smart              

Global and flexible mobile access solution for remote employees to the Internet and business applications anytime, anywhere.


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