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Getting to know you...

Getting to know you...
November 9, 2011in Solutions2011-11-092013-03-18solutionsen
A new customer solution center has opened in the Singapore offices of Orange Business Services, the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region. The facility is designed to demonstrate to senior executives how specific solutions and services address their own particular business and industry...
getting to know you...
A new customer solution center has opened in the Singapore offices of Orange Business Services, the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region. The facility is designed to demonstrate to senior executives how specific solutions and services address their own particular business and industry concerns.
Between August and December 2010, senior executives from over 20 companies have visited the solutions center where they have encountered solutions as diverse as unified communications, network optimization, cloud computing, contact center, remote working, telephony and machine-to-machine. Many companies, drawn from all over the region and as well as globally, have returned for a repeat visit. "Before a customer comes to visit us here in Singapore, it's vital that we understand their business and IT requirements. There is no point showing our customers a standard solution if it doesn't relate to their needs," says Jimmy Tan, Director, Technology & Solution Marketing, Asia Pacific, Orange Business Services.
To ascertain this, the customer is asked to complete a pre-visit survey that is specific to their role (CEO, CIO or CFO). This is to personalize every visit to address the needs of each specific person within each company. From the survey, Orange can determine if they are more interested in business transformation, faster time to market, better collaboration or cost savings, for instance. "So, if the user is interested in cost-savings, we can look at solutions that can deliver both immediate and sustained cost savings," explains Tan.
But it's not just assessing what concerns are associated with different roles. It matters what business sector the customer is in. Executives in the hi-tech sector have very different concerns than those in banking or transportation. These concerns are also revealed in the survey.
"Within our solution catalog are literally thousands of technology components, but they are not all relevant to all our customers. So why talk about things that won't benefit the customers who are visiting our solutions center?" explains Tan. "By understanding their real business concerns, we can identify which of the components directly support their business and IT goals."
This is not something that happens readily in the ICT industry. Network service providers in general are not great at communicating the business value in their solutions and services, as their core business is in networks. "Orange is different," says Tan. "We have formulated a repository of business value scenarios which are industry specific. We look at the solutions we have and which of those match the customer's business objectives and industry needs."
Consider telepresence: it cuts travel time and costs and reduces the environmental footprint. But a hi-tech firm might actually be more interested in how telepresence can improve the speed of decision making during research and development. In addition, a multi-region marketing team with members all over the world could meet in teleconference every week to coordinate the simultaneous launch of a new technology product worldwide. "The keyword is collaboration. If you are talking to a CEO, he probably doesn't want to know how the technology works - he wants to know how it improves collaboration as a competitive advantage to bring about faster results," says Tan.
Using the modular solution selling framework, when customers visit the Singapore solution center, they will see the solutions matched to them. So if the CEO of a bank is interested in security, improving customer relations, addressing cost pressures, having the ability to react to volatile market conditions and guaranteed 24x7 business operations, Orange will show him solutions that will help to achieve these objectives. The solution scenarios will feature Internet security, intrusion prevention and data loss prevention, contact center with IVR (interactive voice response) capabilities, managed PBX, telepresence, and a resilient network management capability.
"We can build a custom solution scenario from different components to directly address the concerns of that customer," adds Tan. "And they also get the benefit of working with a single provider who understands their issues."
Feedback from customers who have visited the Singapore solution center has been positive: 90% of customers rated their general experience as very good, and 86% said that Orange understood all or most of their business and industry needs.
The solution center is not just a showcase for industry-centric solutions; it has already helped customers decide on which solutions to actually adopt. After visiting the solution center recently, Ezra Holdings, an offshore support and marine services company with 10 offices across several geographical regions, signed a contract with Orange to help manage their global network, optimize their bandwidth and migrate their legacy telephony to IP-based telephony. The next step is to open more solution centers in Asia Pacific, including China, India and Australia.
You can find out more about the Singapore solution center and arrange a visit by contacting Jocelyn Villaraza -

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