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Custom fit: how M2M supports cross-border trade

Custom fit: how M2M supports cross-border trade
October 21, 2013in Case studies2013-10-212013-10-21case studiesen
tracking vehicles and goods that are under transit status helps governmental organizations increase their efficiency and effectiveness


Ensuring safe transit of goods across borders and Customs posts in challenging environments is vital in today’s world. Tracking vehicles and goods that are under transit status helps governmental organizations increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Cotecna partnered with Orange Business Services to deliver a best-in-class machine-to-machine (M2M) track and trace solution that keeps goods secure and monitored wherever they are.

Cotecna is one of the world’s leading suppliers of inspection services. The company helps public and private sector organizations ensure sensitive goods, like petroleum products, are transported securely to prevent theft and fraud. Cotecna is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has been a global authority in Customs and border control solutions, such as transit monitoring, for 40 years. The company employs 4,000 staff in 100 offices in over 60 countries and has annual revenues of US$300 million.

Cotecna wanted to enhance its transit monitoring services by using M2M technology to give its customers greater reassurance and increased security when monitoring their goods.

decisive transit security through M2M
Legacy Customs transit monitoring solutions were unable to prevent modern fraud techniques. The industry lacked adapted technologies that could track and monitor vehicles or merchandise along specific routes. Cotecna needed a solution that could monitor vehicles and cargo across borders – and could offer more than just basic fleet management capabilities to Customs.

Cotecna’s customers, such as Customs authorities, demand efficient, rapidly deployed solutions that immediately make transit operations more secure.
To address this, Cotecna partnered with Orange Business Services to develop and implement a comprehensive system that monitors all transit operations per specific Customs requirements.

collaborative solution
With over 200 dedicated M2M experts on hand offering expertise in consulting, design, innovation, integration, project management and service management, Orange was able to demonstrate to Cotecna that it had the skills required to design, build and operate an end-to-end solution.

Cotecna and Orange have embarked on a long-term partnership and will roll out the tailored track and trace solution to organizations with transit monitoring needs in developing countries. The two companies will also co-market the solution throughout other territories.

The purpose-built track and trace solution builds on the Orange Intelligent Apps Enabler platform and supplies best-of-breed hardware and software. M2M devices are attached to vehicles or containers passing through Customs, allowing quasi-real-time monitoring of goods to ensure boxes remain unopened and vehicles stay on schedule. Orange is also responsible for integrating the solution into local communication networks.

tangible benefits
The M2M track and trace solution reduces the number of false transits – meaning more goods become legally available for consumption – and increases competitiveness for countries engaged in international trade by reducing non-tariff barriers.

Pierre-Olivier Pellegrin, Senior Vice President, Security & Inspection Technology, Cotecna, said: “As a company that prides itself on its flexibility and ability to provide specific tailor-made solutions for our clients, the capability of Orange to supply such a comprehensive package of technologies across a global landscape is of utmost importance to Cotecna’s expansion.”

key points:

  • end-to-end system that monitors all transit operations per specific Customs needs and procedures
  • real-time tracking and security of merchandise/vehicle movements
  • all necessary information available to customers to assess legality
  • very secure technology and processes so surveillance can’t be circumvented
  • tailored track and trace solution designed from scratch
  • system integration with local communications networks, including GSM and Internet

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