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Louvre Hotels Group

Louvre Hotels Group
Louvre Hotels Group
Managing bookings more efficiently



  • Louvre Hotels Group is Europe's second largest hotel group, present in 46 countries
  • with 1,000 online booking sites, interconnectivity and managing different IT systems was a considerable challenge
  • in 2015, the Group decided to provide the same quality of service and performance to their customers booking online in all of
   their 1,100 hotels ranging from 1
   to 5 stars across their five
   brands (Première Classe,
   Campanile, Kyriad, Tulip Inn
   and Royal Tulip)
  • the Dynamic Site Accelarator solution by Akamai was selected, and they gained an average of five seconds in response times on all their booking websites
"Improving response time for our websites is essential for satisfying customer expectations when it comes to booking and planning trips. By offering users a faster and more homogenous experience at all times, even during peak traffic, we have increased sales by 40%!"
Thierry Guiraudios, Vice President for IT Systems, Louvre Hotels Group

issues and challenges


With a global presence, Louvre Hotels Group is committed to satisfying its customers' every need, whether they are on business trips or holidays, whether they are local or international. With over 1,000 booking websites, interconnectivity and the performance of different management systems is a critical challenge. In 2015, the group decided to ensure the same quality of service, and performance was implemented for all its booking sites.


  • Network
and networks
seasonal variations in traffic
adapts to existing software


  • optimize its website performance to make bookings easier, whatever the location or hotel category
  • absorb traffic peaks during marketing and promotional campaigns
  • ensure that the different elements of booking systems interact efficiently
  • avoid the development of new booking software

the Orange Business Services solution


To choose among the many actors in the Web Performance market, Louvre Hotels Group decided to test several market platforms on pilot servers. The Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA) solution by Akamai was selected on the basis of response time criteria. Distributed in France by Orange Business Services, this solution:

  • optimizes page content based on an intelligent analysis of the website
  • improves conditions for the device’s real-time browsing environment
  • limits HTTP requests and optimizes load handling
  • displays pages faster
  • varies the compression levels for images depending on the real-time state of web traffic to load pages faster and address network overload issues



the benefits


response times five seconds faster

  • the platform supports increasing volumes of traffic and responds to traffic peaks while providing customers with a fast and pleasant browsing experience. Measured response times for bookings have improved from seven to two seconds


websites are 100% available

  • DSA is connected to the Fast DNS solution by Akamai, which rapidly redirects end users toward the Group sites. The sites are 100% available, wherever they are located. Online bookings have thus increased by 40%


high-quality technical support

  • Louvre Hotels Group enjoyed support from two partners: before implementation, Orange Business Services guided the Group through its assessment phase and architecture options; Akamai provided support for all technical elements


reduced IT investment

  • by implementing the Akamai infrastructure to accelerate sites, Louvre Hotels Group did not need to carry out additional developments


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Louvre Hotels Group
With Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator provided by Orange, Louvre Hotels was able to optimize website performance for easier bookings, absorb traffic peaks, ensure efficient interaction of all booking systems and avoid the development of new booking software. Find out how in this case study.
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