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Lloyd's Register

Lloyd’s Register
Lloyd's Register
Single global network with lower costs



  • leading global independent assurance provider
  • Lloyd’s was managing 70+ network service provider contracts worldwide
  • a Business VPN global WAN now connects 226 sites in 68 countries and includes Network-Based Internet Gateway with application optimization (Riverbed)
  • benefits include a single, standardized global network, contract and support structure
  • over 50% of the company’s locations are in emerging markets
  • simplified and centralized management with consistent SLAs
  • maximized effectiveness and capability of global network infrastructure
Orange Business Services has been able to offer a solution that allows us to centrally manage a global infrastructure cost effectively. Our objective was to improve efficiency through removing operational complexity and multivendor management from our global networking challenges.
Atul Hindocha, CIO, Lloyd’s Register

issues and challenges


Lloyd’s Register provides independent assurance to companies operating high-risk, capital-intensive assets in the energy and transportation market sectors. The Lloyd’s Register Group is a world leader in assessing business processes and products to internationally recognized standards. Using a combination of standards set by major independent bodies as well as those it has developed itself, it covers everything from design and new build to inservice operations and decommissioning – delivering complete lifecycle and risk management solutions.

With offices in 246 locations in 186 countries, Lloyd’s relies on its network for the rapid, secure movement of information and knowledge transfer to support its clients wherever they are. The Group’s experience and expertise is especially vital for operations in emerging markets, where infrastructure and asset management procedures are not always as robust as in developed countries.

Over time, Lloyd’s Register found itself undertaking the complex and timeconsuming task of managing contracts with over 70 local and regional network service providers. Clearly, the high cost and manpower inefficiencies of this arrangement needed to change, but the organization needed to find a service provider that was able to meet high performance service levels globally.


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  • Network
costs and TCO
single standardized network
with consistent SLAs to 226 sites worldwide
single provider
with centralized management
enhanced end-user experience
through optimized applications
the objective

find a single service provider able to deliver a global network that included emerging markets around the world

the Orange Business Services solution


  • Business VPN global WAN to 226 sites in 68 countries
  • Network-Based Internet Gateway (NBIG) at five locations worldwide
  • application optimization via fully managed Riverbed Enterprise Application Management solution
  • full service management and implementation support from India and UK



the benefits


Utilizing the Orange Business VPN global WAN, Lloyd’s Register now has a global network and service provider that is able to support its business worldwide.

simple, flexible solution

  • single, standardized global network
  • single global provider
  • centralized management


significant savings

  • controlled network management costs
  • reduced TCO

increased security

  • secure data transmission



full asset utilization

  • enhanced end-user experience
  • maximum effectiveness and capability of global network infrastructure
  • ability of Lloyd’s team to focus on their business


Lloyd's Register
Our customer, Lloyd's Register, a leading independent assurance provider, was able to improve efficiency by removing operational complexity and multi-vendor management from its global networking. The global WAN to 226 sites in 68 countries is delivering lower costs and a better user experience.
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