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Louvre Hotels Group

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Louvre Hotels Group
Louvre Hotels Group
Managing bookings more efficiently

With an Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator solution provided by Orange, the Louvre Hotels Group was able to:

  • Optimize website performance to make bookings easier, whatever the location or category of hotel
  • Absorb traffic peaks during marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Ensure the varied booking systems interact efficiently
  • Avoid the development of new booking software 


“Improving response time for our websites is essential for satisfying customer expectations when it comes to booking and planning trips. By offering users a faster and more homogenous experience at all times, even during peak traffic, we have increased sales by 40%.”
Thierry Guiraudios
Vice President for IT Systems
Louvre Hotels Group


Document ref: 0216/CCS-LHG-064(2)

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