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37 videoconferencing rooms to strengthen internal relationships and improve responsiveness

Lectra is the world leader in integrated technology solutions used to automate, rationalize and accelerate design, development and production processes specifically designed for industries using flexible materials to manufacture their products.

Lectra develops advanced automatic cutting software and systems and offers related services to a range of major industries, including fashion, automotive and furnishings. With 1,350 employees and 31 subsidiaries spread across four continents, Lectra generated revenues of 198 million Euros in 2012.

Videoconferencing has become an essential tool for the growth of our business. It helps to build stronger links between often distant teams, who can communicate regularly and easily to share experiences and information. Videoconferencing makes us more responsive, facilitates communication and makes the organization more flexible. It has become part of the daily life within our business.
Jean-Christophe Glot, Head of IT Infrastructure, Lectra

interview with Jean-Christophe Glot, Head of IT infrastructure at Lectra


You have installed close to forty videoconference rooms around the world. Why so many?

Our business requires us to be close to our customers and very responsive to their needs. So we set up seven rooms in Paris; eight in Cestas, near Bordeaux – where our R&D center and our production site are located; four in China; three in the United States; two in Japan; and one at each of our other sites, for a total of 37 rooms. Videoconferencing helps our subsidiaries to quickly update the head office in Paris and, in return, they receive rapid responses.

Who uses videoconferencing and for what?

All of our departments use it regularly: marketing, communications, sales, human resources, R&D, etc. Top management, for example, holds business reviews with the various subsidiaries using multipoint videoconferencing. The recruitment teams also sometimes “meet” applicants at a distance. During the bi-monthly induction seminar, which is held in Cestas for new recruits, trainers who cannot be there in person occasionally present via videoconference. In total, we consume between 400 and 500 hours of videoconferencing per month.

What are the benefits for your teams?

Videoconferencing is now an integral part of our overall processes. The resulting flexibility and ability to react quickly have clearly helped us to improve productivity. What’s more, we are saving a lot of money on our travel budget and our carbon footprint is much better.

What are your future plans?

We intend to combine videoconferencing with other shared systems and add on instant messaging, video at the workstation and business applications. We would also like to extend its use to our suppliers, customers and other partners in order to go beyond the strict confines of the company.


  • Conferencing
responsiveness for our customers
flexibility for meetings
productivity throughout our processes
travel costs and carbon footprint
With an integrated videoconferencing solution from Orange Business Services, Lectra was able to improve customer service, increase productivity and reduce its travel costs, while enhancing the way it communicates across its highly distributed organization and with its customers.
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