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Industry solutions

The Internet of Things is allowing insurers to reinvent their businesses by offering services that improve customer satisfaction, generate new revenue streams and reduce costs related to damage reimbursement.

IoT in the insurance industry


Create new business models and personalize relationships with customers

Smart, connected objects allow insurers to switch from compensation-based models and to redefine their relationships with customers by providing protection to their clients in all settings; whether in transport or at home. Leak, smoke and break-in detectors can be connected to assistance platforms, allowing insurers to act before the damage takes place by controlling the objects remotely, contacting the client or alerting emergency services. Along with assuring the safety of customers, this solution means fewer claims. Insurers can even personalize the set of actions with their clients by predefining steps to take and the lists of people to contact during an emergency. 


Identify new services

Smart objects that ensure the safety of homes allow insurers to provide new services for senior clients to remain at home in a safe environment.

While in transport, connected cars that provide information on driving habits such as speed, acceleration and braking enable insurers to develop pay-how-you-drive models, encouraging safe driving habits which reduce accidents and reimbursements.

Likewise, health insurers can promote healthy living habits thanks to pay-how-you-live pricing rates.

Wearables that monitor living habits of clients allow insurers to install pay-how-you-live pricing rates: clients who show healthy living behavior benefit from reduced rates and better health, and insurers decrease their risk of reimbursing costly health problems.

In agriculture, environmental monitoring with meter readings (for sunshine, humidity levels, etc.) and presence detectors provide insurers with a better view of risks.


The Internet of Things is allowing insurers to improve customer satisfaction, generate new revenue streams and reduce costs.

Use cases



Coverbox uses Orange M2M to offer innovative car insurance to young drivers and gain market leadership.

Coverbox, the unique Pay As You Drive car insurance company in the UK, has chosen Orange to develop its M2M-based solution.

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Axa deploys its Connected House program (in French).

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