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Internet of Things VIP Event

Internet of Things

breakout sessions


We’ll focus on three key aspects of your business transformation; please select 2 from these 3 options:


breakout 1: business processes and efficiency


Through M2M and IoT technologies, machines and devices can exchange new kinds of real-time information, transforming existing business processes. This can shorten product cycles, increase agility and reduce costs through, for example, equipment monitoring and supervision, automation and maintenance, vehicle positioning and asset and fleet management solutions.

Join this workshop to learn more efficient ways to automate and optimize your overall operations and improve your business decision process.


Dr. Stéphane Petti, M2M Business Development Director, Orange Mobile Enterprise
Invited customer speaker(s)


breakout 2: innovating with new products or business models  


The Internet of Things (IoT) transforms existing business applications and will trigger the emergence of new ones. This innovation and opportunity development process happens across all industries. Expected results include the transformation of existing product lines or the creation of new services and business models. Find out how we can support you with these projects, from proof of concept to implementing your “IoT-enabled” applications.


Patrick Pax, Business Development Manager, Orange Business Services
Ludovic Carlier, Innovation Program Manager, Orange Labs
Invited customer speaker(s)


breakout 3: connected healthcare in action, with M2M by Orange


M2M health solutions for collecting patient data via communicating medical devices are opening new possibilities for remote monitoring and management of individuals suffering from chronic illnesses. At the same time, the "quantified self" has gained increasing mass-market appeal through the availability of personal, connected devices that can track human physical activity. This is resulting in new behaviors and attitudes around exercise and well-being and a promising future for a truly preventive approach to healthcare, considered a key solution to rising public health issues like obesity and diabetes.

Join  this workshop to discuss market trends in digital healthcare and corporate wellness and to see new connected health uses through a selection of case studies featuring digital healthcare innovations in action.


Benjamin Sarda, Head of Marketing, Orange Healthcare
Invited customer speaker(s)

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