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inbound call management / automatic call distribution


As any customer management call professional knows, it is imperative that all inbound calls from customers need to be managed quickly and efficiently. Putting callers on hold for too long or transferring them to the incorrect department will not only damage the reputation of your brand but can also have a significant impact on company profits.


managing inbound call routing


efficient call distribution

With Contact Center Access, inbound calls are routed and processed more rapidly with automated call distribution (ACD), which means your customers experience reduced waiting times. They can contact you wherever they are and on the technology of their choice and are then directed more easily to the right agent, no matter where he or she is physically located. This solution enables successful customer experience with  off-shore contact centers, follow-the-sun strategies and site consolidation to support callers in all markets worldwide.


flexible access and call routing

The advanced features from Contact Center Access allow call center managers access to effective call distribution among multiple call centers, thereby reducing structural costs while improving customer service levels. We offer a variety of access mechanisms, including toll-free, international toll-free, local access numbers, toll-share and revenue share. Therefore, you can select the most suitable telephone access for your customers, no matter where they are and no matter where your contact centers are located, giving a valuable inbound call management solution.


worldwide presence

We offer public access numbers in more than 110 countries that can direct calls to contact centers anywhere in the world. Using a sophisticated set of call routing and call distribution features, this service provides a stable, proven and cost-effective solution. Having a single provider worldwide makes it easier for you to manage your infrastructure.

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