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Hello! World Dubai 2016
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24 - 25 October 2016

Dubai, UAE


Let digital empower your business


Digital transformation isn’t about technology; it’s about empowering people, teams and customers.

The technology is just part of the equation. At Orange, our mission is to ensure that all the different technologies you’re investing in work together to deliver your specific business objectives.

That means empowering your people so they can benefit from smarter and faster ways of working and deliver significant efficiencies and higher productivity. It’s a very human approach. It allows you to create a cohesive digital ecosystem, within which each element works seamlessly to open up new opportunities for innovation.

And as you deepen your digital capabilities, you can generate and capture more and more data. It’s a valuable asset, but it has to be managed cleverly. Too many businesses find themselves drowning in data and miss out on critical insights. Data should empower your thinking, planning and strategies, and influence the way you use IT in your organization.

Join us in Dubai, and we can work together to achieve three vital objectives:

  • Share guidance and advice on how you can ensure that your digital transformation enables your people to achieve more
  • Discover the latest world-class solutions for your current and future needs
  • Find out how you can work with the Orange expert teams to deliver your business transformation projects


A voyage of digital discovery


After the success of similar corporate events in Europe over the past years, we've chosen Dubai for our inaugural 2016 Hello! World in the Middle East region because it’s the hub from which pioneering voyages of discovery set sail throughout history and it's also our HQ in the region.


A focused partnership


We believe that the best route to success is through partnership. That’s what sets Orange apart: we work with you to steer the right course.

When you join us at the elegant and luxurious Fairmont at the Palm in Dubai, you can engage with senior executive and experts from Orange, our technology partners, and a broad range of our customers. You can build on the experience of many successful ventures to learn new ways of harnessing the power of digital technologies to create new business models and transform existing processes.

The key word is "empowerment" – taking control, moving in the right direction, and achieving success.



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