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A global network is enabling Halliburton to accelerate its digital transformation and rapidly enter new markets in East Africa



  • Halliburton is one of the world’s largest providers to the upstream oil and gas industry
  • The company needed to be “on the ground” in new markets in East Africa quickly after winning new contracts – every day spent setting up local operations meant lost revenue
  • The Orange global network covers even remote parts of the Middle East and Africa and is supported by our people working closely with our clients in every country in that region
  • Halliburton staff operating in remote locations in East Africa now have fast and full access to online corporate tools, enabling them to accelerate the development of each site



"As we re-structured our business and entered new markets, often in remote locations, Orange consistently delivered a high-quality network service that helped us deliver our products and service to our clients."
Ken Braud, Senior Vice President & CIO, Halliburton


Issues and challenges


From its headquarters in Houston, Texas, Halliburton has over 50,000 employees operating in 70 countries worldwide serving the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir – from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction, completion and production optimization. The company is constantly searching for new sources of oil and gas, and this means operating in remote regions that have under-developed communications infrastructure.

In countries such as Rwanda, Angola and other parts of East Africa, Halliburton needs to be on-site very quickly following the award of new contracts – it’s vital for each site to become operational and revenue-generating as soon as possible. Staff need full access to corporate tools even when they are working in remote and distant locations.


  • Connectivity
  • Network
revenue generation with sites rapidly operational
maximized in new markets
Cost savings
as a result of lower connectivity costs
budget planning with predictable pricing
through a scalable solution
The objective

Open up new markets in remote parts of East Africa

The Orange Business Services solution


  • Orange global network with focus on Middle East & Africa
  • Strong built-in failover capability
  • Competitive, consistent pricing
  • Program management



The benefits


Orange Business Services has enabled Halliburton to react very quickly to new contracts that the company was awarded in East Africa.

  • Rapid and successful entry into new “frontier” markets
  • Immediate access to corporate online tools for staff in remote locations
  • Secure, reliable global network with high network performance and availability
  • Telecommunications solution that supports business growth
Orange Business Services has enabled Halliburton to react very quickly to new contracts that the company was awarded in East Africa. Read the story in this customer case study.
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