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Access the power of the cloud

The cloud can revolutionize your IT department by delivering IT resources securely over the network. We can help you access its benefits with our wide range of cloud services and help you meet your business’ needs by becoming more agile and competitive.

It’s easy to get caught up in the complexities surrounding your business applications and infrastructure resources. Data centers, network connectivity, servers and storage, cooling, and a team of experts to install, configure and run them are all important considerations, with each upgrade potentially impacting the whole system.

The cloud can change all that. It allows any IT resource to be consumed as a utility, from simple applications to a complete server infrastructure, and be delivered to you as on-demand services over a network. You’ll enjoy advanced IT services without extensive capital investment, skilled staff or ongoing operational headaches.

See our "gain competitive advantage with the cloud" infographic.

Measuring the Value of the Cloud
Measuring the Value of the Cloud

three attributes


Cloud is the result of a convergence of three worlds: consumers, business and technology. The rise of mobility, social networking and mobile devices has created a new norm for interaction with customers and employees.

There are three main attributes that are common to cloud services. The first is elasticity, which means that resources can be provisioned and de-provisioned in real time to meet workload demands. The second is on-demand, which means that resources are provided on a “pay-as-you- go” basis. This is counter to the traditional approach of incurring the upfront capital expenses and ongoing operational expenses, even if the resources are underutilized.

The final attribute is ubiquity because services from the cloud are available via the worldwide Web. This enables user interfaces that go beyond traditional workstations to include cell phones and other appliances.

focus on business value


Cloud is a services approach to delivering IT, which moves technology out of the way, into the cloud and supplier. It allows your IT department to focus on its real job, which is to drive the benefits of IT for the business. This lies in service, information management, business analytics, IT-enabled business innovation and digital business. Using cloud effectively can significantly improve business and IT agility, and lower IT costs.

wide portfolio of services


In addition to providing cloud-ready networks, we offer a wide range of cloud services, including:

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