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Engage your customers

Communicate with customers when it's convenient for them


"I need to keep in touch with my customers to ensure them a good experience.”


Regularly communicating with your customers is key to improving their experience of you as a business.


Consumers are more connected. They easily and rapidly change from one service to another if they are not fully satisfied: one click is all it takes to compare and share with their peers. To maintain a strong and lasting experience, companies have to consistently communicate and keep in touch with their customers.

Benefit from our multimedia contact center solutions to establish a mutually beneficial dialog with your customers at the right time and on their preferred devices.

Thanks to our platforms supporting a wide range of media such as voice, web, email, chat and call-back, you can multiply touch points with end users and adapt your communication strategy to their omni-channel behavior.

Understand your customers’ requests and handle their issues by providing the answers they are expecting. You can go even further by providing proactive communication, and therefore avoid customer dissatisfaction.

With Contact Everyone, our bulk SMS broadcast solution, send them information quickly and efficiently wherever they are located. Customer broadcasts via SMS allows the "one-to-many" customer communication you need for efficient customer care and global notifications. Take care of your customers by listening to them and their needs. Simply communicate: adopt a proactive approach, and provide the right answers to enhance their satisfaction and ultimately improve loyalty.


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Contact Center solutions


Flexible Contact Center is a lighter, ready-to-use, turn-key contact center solution for companies of all sizes. Using the advanced multimedia platform, your agents will be able to handle all inbound and outbound contacts in an identical way from their workstations.


Managed Contact Center is a fully-managed multimedia solution relying on Genesys or Cisco technology. It provides media blending and offers high-end, fully scalable services for complex global contact centers that have 250+ agents.

Contact Everyone is an effective SMS delivery solution that allows you to send bulk SMS messages to multiple users simultaneously across 200 countries. Integrate the Orange SMS Gateway API into your existing application and broadcast useful information easily and quickly to your customers.

Read this testimonial from Frédéric Lobermann, Head of Customer Experience Marketing, Orange France

Frederic Lobermann testimonial

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