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How are CIOs around the world driving digital transformation?

Digital Stars - Smart cities
Mike WalshJoin futurist Mike Walsh as he interviews some of the world's leading innovators and technologists to bring you inspirational stories of digital leadership and transformation.

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Smart cities

How do you lead the smart city revolution?
Push vs pull

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities. How can urban planners improve citizen’s quality of life in a sustainable way using data insights?

Today’s guest on Journeys, the digital leadership podcast, is Bala Mahavaden, CEO of Orange Business Services – India, sharing his extensive experience of smart city projects across India, the Middle East and Europe:
  • Why are digital identities critical for open innovation in the developing world?
  • How can we ensue citizen data is open and usable but secure?
  • Can predictive analytics help civic leaders to mitigate day-to-day problems in cities and major crises?

Smart cities are part of the broader digital economy, vital to virtually every business. Join this podcast to hear about the progress we’ve made so far and what the future might hold.


Bala Mahadevan
CEO India at Orange Business Services


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