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Deliver exceptional digital customer experiences

To acquire new customers and ensure their loyalty, companies must strengthen their relationships, taking into account all communication channels. End users expect and demand more, so companies must adopt a 360° customer relationship strategy to satisfy new trends and expectations.

new technologies, new customer behaviors

Voice, chat, email, social networks – interactions between consumers and companies are constantly evolving and diversifying, along with new ways of communicating via smartphones and other tablets.

Today, consumers are more are more mobile and hyper-connected, so companies have to manage multichannel interactions efficiently. Consequently, they need to adapt their management of customer contact centers to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In an evolving market and fluctuating economic context, the customer relationship becomes a major asset. It is essential for companies to offer 360° customer experiences, not only to meet new consumer expectations, but also to anticipate their future requirements.

the customer relationship at the heart of company strategy

To provide a good quality of service, companies must focus their efforts on customer satisfaction and loyalty:

  • provide a cross-channel customer experience, allowing customers to choose the media they want, wherever they are
  • provide quick, relevant and personal answers
  • allow customers self-service access to the information they need, at any time
  • keep listening and responding to customers via all communication channels


These business drivers are important to increase customer satisfaction and overall perception of your company.

Orange Business Services offers a wide portfolio of solutions dedicated to the customer experience, including call collect, voice portal, multimedia contact center and direct marketing. We can help you build an outstanding customer experience, meeting your expectations of customer satisfaction and loyalty, business development and cost optimization.

customers are becoming the leading influence network for companies

  • In 2011, 46% of companies set up systems to analyze customer feedback on social networks
  • 30% contemplated doing so in 2012 (Online sales and digitisation of customer relationship study conducted by CCA International and FEVAD)

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