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Define Business Value in Collaboration

Business Value: The Enterprise Collaboration Playbook
How do you measure the value of collaboration?
Which areas of your business will benefit the most from collaboration?
How can you derive and measure those benefits?

Let’s face it. Collaboration measurement is difficult. The work of knowledge workers seems too ad hoc and chaotic to be formalized like that of an industrial production line for us to be able to measure, let alone optimize, efficiency.

However, while it is difficult, it can be done. This report from Forrester will show you how to:

  • Capture collaboration value through a process-optimization lens
  • Identify those business areas that would benefit the most from collaboration, using a framework that assesses the business value and the viability of collaboration
  • Calculate hard-dollar returns to cost justify your proposed collaboration investment

Download this report from Forrester and discover how you can derive business value from collaboration.

Define Business Value in Collaboration

Define Business Value In Collaboration


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