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Redefining data transfers for its Internet of Things



Daikin is getting fully involved in the Internet of Things. The manufacturer has developed a solution called I Net that enables companies to remotely monitor their heating or air conditioning performance. Customers receive information by email, which can be used to predict spikes in consumption or malfunctions, and receive alerts if there are any problems.

But Daikin wants to increase the use of this system. Up until now, many potential customers refused to let the manufacturer connect to their Internet networks. Their worries? That adding a new system would affect security and weigh on the capacity of their networks, slowing them down.




Find a new way of transferring the data collected by I Net without using the customer's Internet network, to reassure its customers and encourage the signature of new contracts.

"We chose Orange because the company has been historically associated with Daikin, especially for our mobile phones fleet. Our choice was essentially based on the relationship and the trust that has been built between us. Orange Business Services helped us to precisely identify our needs and was able to meet them very quickly.”
Christophe Thomas, Manager Solution Business, Daikin




Daikin asked Orange Business Services to install 3G routers linked to a monthly subscription system to manage the 3G Internet connection. A machine-to-machine (M2M) solution that directly transfers data from the heating or air conditioning device to the customer's inbox and, ultimately, to a dedicated application:

  • connection of all the energy performance measurement tools
  • collected data transferred directly from one device to the other
  • use of an Internet network independent of the customer's network


  • Internet of Things
quickly identified
in less than three months
network coverage

About Daikin


  • Japanese air conditioning and heating company founded in 1924
  • 80 production sites worldwide
  • sales in 140 countries
  • 300 million dollars invested in research and innovation


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Quick and secure connection
The connection set up by Orange Business Services no longer relies on customers' Internet networks. It is also faster and more secure.
Satisfied customers
Customers who were wary of adding the remote energy consumption monitoring system to their networks are reassured and are more likely to trust the system.
Faster contract negotiations
Consequence of surmounting the barrier: negotiations are easier for Daikin. Added benefit: potential customers are won over more quickly.
We helped Daikin, a Japanese heating and air conditioning company, use M2M to transfer data collected by its I Net application without using its customers' Internet network. Read more in this customer case study.
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