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In our role as a trusted operator, Orange Business Services
is committed to the security of employees and their data.


Key player in the cyberdefense industry

Orange Business Services protects:



ISO certifications

ISO 27001 – managing information security
The ISO 27001 certification ensures enterprise-class reliability and security for data within:

  • Our Major Service Centers in Brazil, Egypt, India and Mauritius
  • Our operational IT activities in Rennes, France

First operator to achieve ISO 15408 certification
Orange Business Services is the world’s first ISO 15408 certified operator, thanks to the security of our international IP VPN (IT systems and software security).

Orange committed to the protection of personal data
On 7 November 2013, Stéphane Richard signed the Protection of Personal Data charter, which includes four commitments in terms of protecting our customers’ personal data and private lives.

revised 2 Dec 2014



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