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Orange Business Services offers products and services that can
help our enterprise customers reduce their environmental impact.
We’ve launched several initiatives that are "green inside" in order
to meet the requirements of our stakeholders, such as collecting
and recycling mobile devices and network equipment.


Our Smart Cities program helps today's connected cities meet the need to be carbon neutral. We also offer e-health solutions that respond to the green IT objectives of healthcare professionals.

In order to reduce our environmental footprint, we have also implemented an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system.


Environmental management system

As part of our "green inside" program and to reduce our environmental footprint, our management system includes three key objectives:

  • Energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Waste reduction and control
  • Reduction and control of exhaustion of resources


Responsible procurement

CSR is also at the heart of our procurement policy and supplier relations:

  • We integrate CSR criteria into our purchase policy and our calls for tenders
  • We define and implement a code of conduct with our suppliers
  • We train our employees and implement KPIs to measure our activities

Three initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions …

… by 20%, and energy consumption by 15%, by 2020

Networks and buildings

  • Deploy the "green data centers" project, our optimized ventilation and server virtualization solution
  • Build HQE-standard buildings, deploying a consumption tracking system



Renewable energies

  • Deploy solar stations for mobile communications




  • Promote mobility and collaborative work tools
  • Reduce our fleet impact (130g/km)

Limit the environmental impact of IT

We carry out energy audits, carbon audits and IT solution evaluations in order to measure the environmental benefits of our company’s activities. We also create services and solutions with green IT in mind.

We recycle mobile devices and network equipment.

We offer electronic invoices and online payment systems to reduce paper waste.

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Reduce your energy consumption thanks to telecoms solutions


Cloud data storage and shared servers
We reduce the energy consumption of IT solutions via solutions such as Flexible Computing Express.
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Manage consumption remotely
We also limit the energy used in raw materials and building furnishings thanks to remote management solutions.

Fleet management and business travel optimization

Today's telecommunications technologies and IT systems allow you to limit non-business-essential travel:


Every vehicle is equipped with a monitor on board, which is equipped with a SIM card and connected to a secure Web platform. This enables you to run reports and access collaborative tools via smartphones and tablets.


Stop and work: a network of connected business centers for teleworkers
Helping employees and freelancers work while they’re on the move in connected business centers equipped with handy tools for professionals:

  • On-demand desk reservations
  • Access to co-working spaces
  • Secretarial services
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Videoconferencing solutions

revised 27 May 2015



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