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Top Employer 2016

Orange Business Services was recently awarded certifications for:

  • Top Employer Global 2016
  • Top Employer United States of America 2016
  • Top Employer United Kingdom 2016


The comprehensive independent research by the Top Employers Institute revealed that Orange Business Services provides exceptional employee conditions, nurtures and develops talent throughout all levels of the organization and has demonstrated its leadership status in the HR environment, always striving to optimize its employment practices and to develop its employees. To date, Orange Business Services has won 13 country awards in 2016.


“These new certifications reinforce the Top Employer success story at Orange Business Services. Each certification sends a powerful message across the globe that Orange Business Services is a digital and caring employer.  They confirm that we are a company which invests in our people through programs, tools and resources to equip them with the right skills to support our enterprise customers through digital transformation. Furthermore, they give reassurance that we are an ethical employer which supports environmental performance, inclusion and diversity.”
Patricia Waldron-Werner, Global Head of HR, Internal Communications and CSR, Orange Business Services

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Orange Business Services Employer of Choice

Our ambition is to be an employer of choice around the following principles:

  • Professional equality, ensuring equal representation of women and men in all lines of business as well as providing good work-life balance for all
  • Employment and inclusion of people with all abilities
  • Equality of young people from disadvantaged areas
  • Employment opportunities for students and interns

We also provide ways for our enterprise customers to support the well-being and working practices of their employees. Our offers respond to core objectives such as teleworking as well as professional development and training.

Top Employer Global

Top Employer U.S.

Top Employer UK

Four programs that are available to our employees



In 2009, we launched a diversity program that was deployed in France and across our regions (AME, APAC, Europe, MEA), thanks to our international diversity network.
Training and development

We offer innovative training to enable career development for our people.
Work autonomy

We facilitate remote working.

We help enable collaborative work within our company with new ICT solutions. Employees receive training via our online Digital Academy.


Focus: three priorities for our diversity program


Equal opportunities and community involvement

We encourage and recognize the active participation of our employees in many community service initiatives to foster equal opportunities: volunteer work, mentoring and sponsorship and skills patronage. In particular, we promote a proactive policy that aims at integrating young people from low-income backgrounds.



Gender equality in the workplace

Gender equality in the workplace is a top priority. We promote gender diversity in all roles, especially technical ones. We encourage women's access to managerial roles, with the aim of having 35% female representation in management positions. We strike a work-life balance, in particular by making it clear that parenthood is not a source of discrimination. We ensure equal pay.



Integration of people with disabilities

We help people with disabilities find employment. Our positions are open to all, and we offer dedicated professional paths. We develop measures enabling the continued employment of people with disabilities: workstation adaptations, digital and facilities accessibility and appropriate training.

Other Top Employer certifications


Asia Europe Africa Americas

India (re-certified)

Hong Kong





In addition, Orange Business Services received a continental award as a Top Employer APAC 2016

UK (re-certified)

In addition, Orange Business Services contributed to the continental award for Orange Group as a Top Employer Europe 2016

Egypt (re-certified)


South Africa

In addition, Orange Business Services contributed to the continental award for Orange Group as a Top Employer Africa 2016





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