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Improve support with global contact centers

As the main points of interaction for many customers, contact centers perform a crucial function in business. They are instrumental in ensuring customer loyalty and play a vital role in expansion into new markets.

A key challenge to delivering effective customer service is the high workforce cost. Human resources are, by far, the largest operational cost for contact centers. In fact, reducing costs was the main driver behind the customer contact offshoring revolution of the last decade.

But offshoring isn’t the only way to cut customer contact costs. Automation for customer support can be even more effective, as it completely eliminates human resource expenditure. That’s because it encourages users to help themselves for basic transactions. And, as technology for self-service improves, it is also becoming increasingly popular with customers.

Today, a new generation of customers wants their support delivered in entirely new ways. The traditional phone call is being superseded by communication via smartphones, social media and other channels. Staffing and managing these media is essential in meeting the requirements of future customers.

global, consistent service

We can help you achieve your customer service goals with our global managed contact center solutions. They help you standardize and automate your strategy to reduce the cost of delivering customer care. In addition, with our global network and capabilities, we can help you deploy it worldwide.

Our cloud-based and managed contact centers allow you to limit your required capital expenditure and outsource non-core technology management. They also help you deploy solutions quickly and support virtual or work-at-home agents.

in-cloud and on-premise

With integrated, managed, hosted and cloud-based options, our offerings include both traditional and new contact center services:

  • cloud-based infrastructure
  • social media management
Enterprise Contact Center
Enterprise Contact Center
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