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The customer experience explained to

Differentiation through customer service excellence
Letting customers choose the media they want, and providing quick, relevant and personalized responses enhance customer loyalty and help win over new ones.

To provide an effective customer relationship, you need:

  • a multi-channel customer experience: fixed or mobile phone, email and chat, to contact the customer at the right time for the right product and service. Live web assistance via chat or call back increases the opportunities of converting a visit into a purchase
  • dynamic processing of contacts: qualification of contacts via an interactive voice server and smart routing ensure that the customer is put through to the agent with the right skills and availability
  • cross-channel customer knowledge: a single interface and consolidated contact history over all communication channels bring you closer to your customers. This gives you a 360° view for easy contact and a long-term relationship
  • activity management and performance measurement: real-time performance analysis tools, management charts and histories enable you to fine-tune your resources. This enhances your quality of service and sales strategy
business intelligence to boost call center quality
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