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Cloud explained to

Rapid access to computing resource from anywhere
Cloud computing can transform your IT experience. From rapid rollout to new users, to latest versions of applications, the cloud can keep you productive at all times. Not relying on on-premise servers, the cloud also allows you to access IT resources from any location and on any device.

Are you concerned about the impact that IT infrastructure changes may have on your IT services and applications? In fact, cloud computing will improve services, by providing extended and easy access to all computing resources.


rapid deployment, full features


You won’t have to wait for days or even weeks to get access to your IT environment. In addition, you will get immediate access to the latest version of software, because all upgrades and patches are applied centrally in the cloud.

Because IT infrastructure management is outsourced to an IT expert, services come with a committed service level agreement (SLA). In addition, the IT department can focus on your requirements and develop business solutions to solve them.


Security and Cloud Computing Over a Coffee
Security and Cloud Computing Over a Coffee

access anywhere


Located in the cloud, IT resources are available via the Internet or the company VPN. You can access applications from any location, even your personal device. Also, you have access to the same applications and documents as your colleagues, enabling you to collaborate more effectively. 

Chances are you’re already using cloud. If you’ve got a tablet or a smart phone you already know the convenience of having all the applications you need ready wherever and whenever you need them. Cloud is the route for your organization to give you that freedom at work.

benefits of cloud computing to users


  • rapid roll-out of IT resources and applications
  • immediate access to new features when available
  • access to resources from any location and device
  • improved collaboration through shared services
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