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Simplify global call collect management

Call Collect

Are you managing multiple call collect providers globally? Do you want to reach new markets but dread the complexity of more local regulations? Could your business benefit from adding new numbers or changes in minutes – instead of weeks – anytime, anywhere, in real time?  If so, then it’s time to “call” Orange.

  • World-class, global call collection services
  • Voice solutions in more than 140 countries
  • Toll-free (0800) in 125+ countries
  • Toll in 90+ countries
  • Number portability and innovative solutions
  • Simple, usage-based, global/local
    billing options
  • Management of local regulations
  • Number provisioning via Web portal
    and API tool
  • 24x7 multilingual service assistance


Voice digital transformation

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Contact Center Access

Contact Center and SMS


We’ve helped multinational companies like yours:

One of the world's largest Internet companies

Large Internet company
trusts Orange to help them face huge peak traffic levels to their call center
  • 10,000 call collection numbers in 95 countries with more than 24M calls collected and 150M minutes carried/year
  • Calls routed to contact centers in 16 countries via interactive voice applications terminating predominantly on SIP trunks
  • An additional bank of spare numbers in 50 countries to enable customer real-time provisioning on demand


A global hotel group

Global hotel group
uses the Orange Call Collect solution to optimize it’s call center resources and lower costs
  • Call collection in over 23 countries across Asia, Brazil, Europe and USA
  • Over 600 access numbers (mostly PSTN and toll-free)
  • Improved efficiency of call collection (approx. 10M min/year)
  • Multilingual customer care support to 17 countries


A global audio conferencing service provider

Global audio conferencing service provider
uses Orange Call Collect to connect their global customers
  • Call collection via 3,000 access numbers dispersed in 54 countries, delivering 215M minutes over the last 12 months to Audio Bridging Centers located around the world
  • Network IP combination, both handled by Orange, and call collection via local geographical or toll-free numbers


A multinational information technology company

Multinational information technology company
trusts Orange to support their innovative corporate conferencing
  • Call Collect/Contact Center Access (PSTN and toll-free) for dial-in participants in 81 countries plus Business Talk SIP Trunking
  • Based on a unique Lync platform, traffic volume approx. 75M min/month


One of the world's largest technology companies

Large technology company
expands its complex contact center by adding new Orange services
  • Combination of Orange-managed PSTN and toll-free call collection access numbers
  • Approximately 650 customer-facing numbers in 57 countries
  • 226 NIVR applications managing calls and serving more than 50 lines of business
  • NIVR call direction application services via Paris and Singapore for calls from those numbers


A global automobile manufacturer

Global automobile manufacturer
provides a best-in-class customer experience with Orange
  • Call Collect/Contact Center Access in 26 countries
  • 600 numbers: domestic toll-free numbers, intl. toll-free service, PSTN, revenue shared premium, shared cost, UIFN
  • Business Together for out-going calls worldwide


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Call Collect


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