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Against all odds in Brazil

Whatever the timing or cause of a crisis, keeping your business running will require rapid analysis, decisive action and timely communications–locally, regionally and internationally.

Orange has a history in accompanying its customers in all geographies as a single global provider over a wide range of business needs. We are very aware of the critical role we play in enabling essential business communications for our customers, and our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ensures that we maintain our services to you in all situations to protect your business and minimize the impacts of such a crisis.

On 29 September 2013, a 10G undersea fiber cable was cut off the coast of Brazil. This link connects Brazil to the USA and is crucial to our customer traffic from Latin America to the United States and Europe.  Our teams immediately initiated actions to fix the broken circuit, but due to the availability of repair ships and weather conditions, the date given to us for the repair was 26 October at the earliest.

In the meantime, we provided continuous updates to customers impacted, and thanks to the existing resilience of our network, traffic was redirected to another 10G path.  Full service was restored by our teams in record time, on 9 October.

In an ideal world, things like this wouldn’t happen; however they do, and such situations can only be faced through a clear awareness and strong experience that leads to building a long-term and continuously-reviewed strategy in terms of investments in infrastructure, tools, staff training and tests.

Our BCP is based on three pillars: people, infrastructure & equipment and processes, and this is what has enabled us to pull through events such as these and others.

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