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Build your ideal working environment

How much time does your team spend working in their offices? Compare this to how long they spend in meetings, traveling and at clients' premises. Are they using your company devices or their own personal smartphones? At Orange, we understand you can’t always sit still, so we won’t tie you down.

The workspace now goes beyond a single PC or an office. Today, it is fully mobile and available on multiple devices. People expect to use their tools and applications wherever they are and whatever interface (PC, mobile, tablet, kiosk) they’re using at that moment. Marketing, sales and technical business managers are increasingly looking at business-oriented mobile applications for their teams and investing in faster, more connected digital processes to complete a sale, run business operations, manage a factory, etc.

  • in 2014 more tablets (236 million) were sold than PCs (210 million)
  • for the first time, the world’s smartphone manufacturers have managed to produce and distribute more than one billion devices in a single year


building the new workspace

A number of technologies have evolved, making it possible to fully virtualize the workspace regardless of physical location.

  • mobile devices offer increased access to business applications using tablets and smartphones
  • development of 4G speeds up business and drives new mobile services
  • cloud and online services delivered as SaaS (software as a service) through application portals have simplified and secured service and application management


work smarter, reinvent your business processes

The digital workspace delivers productivity, flexibility and efficiency for the company, at all levels:

  • at sales meetings or points of sale: interactive product demonstrations, real-time stock information, inventory, order tracking
  • for field force management: monitoring and real-time reporting of field visits
  • for business managers: dashboards always accessible, sharing information within teams, delivering work tools remotely


Beyond improving workflow, the digital workspace drives new opportunities and enables new business models. Digital workspace projects are increasingly initiated by business leaders and department managers.

These projects aren’t just about delivering new IT, they enable new processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide a better customer experience through more interactive and innovative tools.

the digital workspace: a global project at the heart of IT strategy

No two companies are the same, but a lot face similar IT challenges. The digital workspace is an opportunity to address them in a more business oriented way:

  • managing a diverse and complex environment
  • cloud hosting and control of maintenance costs
  • data and device security
  • providing the best end user experience
  • reliability, performance and availability of the network, etc.


Of course you need to gain maximum business value out of any digital project. With our unique positioning as both operator and integrator, we can help you identify opportunities and design and implement the right business solutions. Please contact us to find out more.

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