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Isabelle Lurquin
Isabelle Lurquin
Orange Business Services


Isabelle Lurquin has over 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications B2B market in key accounts and sales management, indirect sales, business development and marketing. Her career in International Telecommunication, includes management  positions at France Cable & Radio (satellite business), Transpac (data & voice networks, messaging and contact centers), Global One and Orange Business Services. 
Isabelle has been working for Orange Business Services Emerging Markets & Indirect region since September 2011. This region includes the geographies of Middle East, Turkey and Africa, as well as the indirect business with SITA, the Orange Business Services’ channel to the Air Transport Industry. Today, Isabelle leads the Sales, Marketing & Communication and the Solutions functions which includes pre-sales, business development and  consulting. 
Prior to 2011, Isabelle spent 6 years in the Orange Large Accounts Division as Director of International Business Development. Her team supported 80 of the largest Orange multinational clients in their efforts with worldwide expansion and drove the Division’s international revenue growth. During the course of her international career, Isabelle has gained a specific knowledge of Asian and European markets and, since 2011, of the Middle East and Africa markets.
A French national, Isabelle holds master degrees in International Politics (International Politics Institute, Paris) and International Business Management from La Sorbonne University, Paris and speaks French, English and Spanish.
Isabelle likes to be involved in philanthropic activities such as coaching  underprivileged young students and helping young professionals to come onboard in the business world.  She has also been involved in humanitarians programs in Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin.

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