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Are you positioned for growth in Russia?

The market opportunity in Russia is as bright as it is big. It's the largest growth economy in Europe. Consumer confidence, profitability and margins are high. So how do you transform this potential into real performance and value for your business?

growth in Russia: still going strong


...and it's fueled by a growing Russia software expertise that it is now successfully exporting globally, e.g. Kaspersky. Software exports from Russia reached $4 billion in 2012 and are expected to grow. There are over one million IT professionals working in Russia. The stats on Russia's growth potential make interesting reading.

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serving Russia since 1958


There are many reasons for you to choose Orange Business Services as your ICT partner in Russia.

Here are the top three:


  • provision of local and global networks
  • monitoring and management done locally – with centers in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk
  • access to a full suite of services – ranging from IP transformation, unified communications, CRM, video, voice and data, and integration solutions across IT and telecommunications

business continues as usual in spite of month-long emergency due to floods in Khabarovsk

Orange keeps customers connected. always


We have a strong focus on business continuity globally and have dealt with many challenges, like the Arab spring and Hurricane Sandy.

Russia, with its broad expanse, has its own unique challenges when it comes to business continuity, and ensuring robust and 24/7 on-time connections is as important as linking the extreme ends.

Find out how, despite the month-long state of emergency caused by the severe flooding in the Khabarovsk region in September 2013, no customer was left without our services.

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