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A security vulnerability called "Stagefright" has been discovered in the Android operating system. The vulnerability puts your Android smartphone at risk of infection by malware that could collect data from your device introduced through an MMS, the Hangouts application or a visit to a website. 


protecting your smartphone 


We have become aware of this security vulnerability. As part of our continuous monitoring activity, our teams have been mobilized to deal with it, and are working in close collaboration with the manufacturers involved.
Out of concern for your security and as a preventive measure, we advise you, if you use an Android device:
  • to deactivate the automatic MMS download option in your smartphone's settings, or in the settings of the Hangouts application if you use it to receive your MMS messages


And in general we recommend caution in your mobile Internet use. Only access and download content from sites you trust and only click on links or attachments in emails from known senders.
Please remember that the security of your data is a priority for Orange.

revised 12 Aug 2015



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